Sunday, July 18, 2010


This is something I really want to do when I get done with school next april. My car would very likely die, and if not, it'd probably be worth about $200 after the whole thing, so it probably won't happen. I also would have trouble finding someone who a) likes road trips this much and b)I wouldn't be tempted to tear their head off
But think...I could stay in hostels, see the towns, take some goofy photos, eat a lot of PB&J.... It'd be spectacular!'re probably wondering why I want to stop in Connecticut. I was born there and haven't been back in 15 years. Go nostalgia!

In other news: I'm going to Comic Con in just a few short days! Time to blow all that money I worked so hard for!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer so far

I think its time for an update :O

So, in case you didn't know, I decided to stick with Sheridan. It was just simpler in the end. Except that its really not that simple at all, because getting all your shit together to go to another country is so fucking complicated. Gotta get a study permit still, need a canadian bank account. I got my passport all renewed and my tuition paid...phew!

Apparently, I have mono! Isn't that fantastic?!
Beginning of May I got a really sore throat and was very tired all the time, so I finally went to see a doctor two weeks later. She did bloodwork, but the tests came back negative. However, for the next month or so my symptoms persisted onwards, so earlier this week I was in so much pain because of my throat I went back to a different doctor, who ordered bloodwork again and they were like "JK U DO HAV MONO LOL." So that explains why I feel so utterly exhausted after work and relatively tired after sleeping endlessly on my days off. So that sucks, and now my hopes at a summer fling are dashed (ha, like that was gonna happen anyway >_>)
I haven't been going to life drawing at all anymore, and I feel super guilty. Trying to save my money for comic con. T.T I draw a little bit here and there, I started a painting about a week ago. I dunno....honestly being so tired all the time makes it really impossible to get any work done. On top of that, being so sad, being disappointed by dumb boys, and being really angry at a certain backstabbing 'friend' have just made the past month very rough. Guh, so ready for that vacation coming up.

Funny story time. Recently I'd been downloading some music to my computer, something I never do for paranoia of viruses and such (my computer is completely unprotected :x) So today when all these things were popping up on my computer telling me there were threats and such I started freaking out, it wouldn't even let me use the internet! So I went ahead and bought the software it prompted me to buy aaaand of course it was fake. So I just spent 50$ on fake spyware and also just gave them my credit card number, pin number, and such. Yea. SMART MOVE DUMBASS. I called and cancelled my card tonight, but I still need to contact my bank to cancel that particular transaction (if its not too late), change my pin, and get a new card (as I'm now virtually money-less, except for $11 in my wallet) BUT they're closed for the NEXT TWO DAYS because of the holidays. Banks are so goddamn lazy. The 24 hour hotline they have for checking your balance won't even accept my pin number which makes me really really nervous, I'm afraid people may have already messed with my account. Ohgodohgod what do I do??? It makes me very anxious.

...sheesh I make this summer seem like its been really terrible for me. I guess it kind of has when I describe it, but I've had a lot of fun with my friends so far and its so beautiful out every day it almost makes up for it all. I <3 colorado and its going to break me into peices to leave.