Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well I'm home again. It's weird to be back. I miss all my friends back at Sheridan, and I miss my room too. It was so much bigger and well organized! My room here is a mess, as is my life.

Anyways, let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time in 8th grade I had these characters I drew, and I had personalities for them, and a whole world set up (they were basically just geometric shapes with faces) And I had this notebook in which I wrote up whole scenes and scripts about stories that took place, and I had an overarching story about taking over the world involved even.
Anyways, this notebook became lost to space and time somehow, probably because I was making it around the time my parents got divorced so it was very tricky, especially with all my stuff because it was moving all over the place all the sudden. And now I greatly miss that notebook. Because I am convinced that everything I wrote in there was completely hilarious (as I thought at the time) and it is probably some of the funniest stuff I've ever written (probably not) On occasion I start thinking about it and go on a man-hunt to find that notebook, but I always fail. It's probably been thrown out, but I can't quit looking, because there is such a multitude of STUFF in both my houses that its just impossible to give up hope.
Today I thought maybe it got mixed in with the schoolwork boxes my parents kept (unfortunately they did not keep one for the year I wrote it, due to the divorce) but I checked my 7th grade box anyway. I did not find it, but I did find all the art projects I did that year. Oh what fun. They're pretty bad. But here are some self portraits I did in the middle of my 13th year of life that might entertain. All I remember is that we had to do them ON a mirror. Tricky.

Sad part is...I still have all those clothes.

Anyways, here's a portrait I did for class awhile ago. Proof that being hungover makes you try new things because you're really not even thinking about it. It's not perfect, but I liked my color work.

Anyways, I hope to one day find that notebook and laugh at how awesome I was (seriously, 8th grade was an amazing year for me creatively speaking) In the meantime I can keep myself entertained with all the other things I wrote (I'm a writing maniac...I'm sure my blog doesn't help disguise that at all) and hopefully write more things. I'm becoming increasingly interested in comedy. Although I've never found myself a very funny person. I'd like to work on that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mermaids! For Snowboards! Yea!

My final 2d project. I was just having fun with these.

Anyways, I've kind of been neglecting my 100 themes challenge in lieu of trying to finish everything up for the school year. Basically everything is due this week. Bleh.

ALSO I'm a little unsure of what I want to do next year.
I want to go to LCAD, but my Dad is telling me I need to commit to a school and thus give up hope on Calarts. So it's either go to LCAD or stay at home and hope I get in. Which is not really a guarantee, especially because I find it more difficult to progress in my work without an artistic infrastructure around me. So...I don't know. I've been stuck on this for awhile now. I'm about 75% sure I'm going to go to LCAD. I will apply to Calarts no matter what, and if I get in, well, that can be another battle. If I don't, I can stay where I am and be happy, right?
It's just hard. I think LCAD will be a great school, but it's Cal fucking arts, pushing students to their fullest potential. You get to make a film every year. And all the fucking guest lectures! And all the companies that come just to Calarts, every year....sigh...I can't just forget about that so easily :/
BUT I do want to get on with my life, and start working hard and being in animation and stuff. Oh man, I am SO TERRIBLE at big decisions.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

100 Themes Challenge- Week 2

9. Doom- see comic here. Warning: Very awkward if you know me. Also very large image.

10. Garden
11. Sadness
12. Confusion
13. Freedom
14. Inevitable
15. Idle...hippies are idle right?
16. in Canada has made me pretty much look like a vampire.

In other news:
I got accepted to Laguna College of Art and Design. With some money. Yay.
I decided not to appeal my Sheridan portfolio. I talked to a student and she said I just didn't have it...oh well.

I'm not sure what next year brings. I might go to LCAD but my Dad wants me to commit to a school and the only place I want to commit to is Calarts. So I may take a year off but that idea scares the poop out of me because I really like being in school and can't imagine anything else.