Monday, April 19, 2010


I just sent in my acceptance for the offer of admission I received from the art fundamentals program from Sheridan. I am officially going to Oakville Ontario next year.

The only thing that could make this day any more exciting/scary is if that darned boy could sign on and I could ask him out.

Big day.

I AM SO SCARED. (I haven't even seen this school)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm not much of a computer whiz, but here is the link to the animated film I slaved over.

It's certainly not professional or calarts student quality, but I didn't do it to get a job or make a demo reel. I did it mostly to prove to myself I could animate. And I have, and I'm proud of that. There a million things wrong with it, I don't want to hear it. I know whats bad. I know whats good.
I'm exhausted, but IB art is finally over. I had my exam today. I think it went pretty well. He definitely seemed impressed when I told him the film was over 700 different drawings.

Anyway, yea, thats it. I haven't done homework in a month and its killing my grades right now. So what shall I do? Sleep of course!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What the F?

So I didn't get into Sheridan animation because apparently, the school never received my transcripts. I personally emailed and communicated with a rep from the international department, informing him by who and when my trancripts were sent. He said he found them and flagged them for immediate processing. Three weeks ago. And they still don't have them. So I didn't get in. What the hell Sheridan, what the hell?

In other news, Capilano still hasn't received them either. Whats up with this?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So tonight I was supposed to go the the Muse concert (I had pretty good seats, on the floor!), opened by the Silversun Pickups (my favorite band of all time) Muse is supposed to be amazing in concert, and I missed them the last time they came to town two years ago because my mom didn't have enough money, and I've missed the Silversun Pickups a few times because they tend to play at venues that require you to be 16+ or at day long festivals where tickets are around $90. (I hate day long festival concerts, so hot, so overpriced, so not worth it)
Buuuut this being Colorado and having the most Premenstrual weather EVER it was sunny (although slightly windy) most of the day here in town (although it hailed for a little while at 6 am) but in the mountains the weather has been less than fantastic and snowy and awful. So the tour bus got stuck in Vail and had to call it off. SUCK. Fortunately for most people, it's been postponed to October 2nd at the pepsi center (awful venue) Well thats just FANTASTIC because I'm not going to be here. FML I'm so upset. Two of my favorite bands ever cancelled a few hours before the concert, after I bought the tickets minutes after they went on sale and looked forward to it for months.
I took the liberty of changing into my sweats and crawling in bed for a few hours. My mom gave me ice cream. I haven't done any work.
My IB art exam is a week from thursday, and the only awesome thing in my life just got cancelled. My film is maybe half way done, at a mediocre level

Also, Capilano still hasn't received my transcripts which could really delay the review of my file. I hope I hear from them before Sheridans deadline.
In the portfolio from them I included some figure drawing, mostly stuff from the past few months such as this
Some character design work. I worked with a cast of characters from a really horrible musical I was in back in 8th grade that I hated with a huge passion. I don't like it. I had no idea what I was doing

Moose Boogers also made the cut

And some hands drawings and yea. I didn't manage to get in much location drawings, although there was some sort of stuff.

Also, here is a still from my animation. Its not very good. Still, I'm surprised at what I can do without any guidance whatsoever. It's reassuring to know I can figure at least a little bit out myself. Also, the ream of paper I've been through makes me feel like I've really accomplished something.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's desicion time.
I hate desicion time :/

So heres the deal:

I got accepted into the art fundamentals program at sheridan
I'm still waiting on the animation program. Chances are slim.
Still waiting on capilano. I haven't heard a word from them, I even emailed the director of admissions and got no reply. Did they even get my application???
Still have to hear back from Ringling, but that'll be awhile
Apparently I can still apply to Laguna. I have no idea what my chances are there. I know the program is very small, and they still have space. Does that mean its easy to get in? Or are they super selective? I can't tell. I dunno.

The point is, Sheridan has given me an offer and 3 weeks to reply. The program seems like a good idea. I could seriously use a year to just work my ass off on my general art skills and then apply again to Calarts. And it's very affordable. The question is, what if I get in somewhere else that I would prefer? And Ontario is so cold. It's all city-ish and freezing. Would I be happy at all there? Then again, it's only a year, and it's an adventure. And I could really use the year....Think of what it could do for me. Would I be better off waiting on other schools that might reject me, or I might get in and go there and learn some animation while also getting better at drawing, OR just going to sheridan and focusing completely on drawing?

I am so bad at making important desicions!!! What should I do?!?!!?

Here is some recent artwork. The last 3 are going to be in an art show today :) I'm excited!