Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Updates

So...I've been pretty busy lately. I had mono all of June, which really put me out especially since I was simultaneously working almost full time. All of July I was on vacation. Let's see...I went to florida and rented the same house as last year with all of my family on my dads side. We ate a lot of food and swam in the ocean a whole bunch. We also watched a lot of Invader Zim. After that I drove to San Diego and went to Comic-Con. Saw some awesome stuff there, including Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion (life complete!) But I also went to a lot of interesting panels about stuff I'd never heard about and learned a ton. I also bought lots of goodies, including a shirt from one of my favorite web comics, Looking For Group! That was probably my favorite purchase. After that I drove like a madman all night long to get back in time for a Silversun Pickups concert, which was epic and awesome! So worth not sleeping...and also running over a deer T_T (not my fault at all, it was unfortunate) Then I went to Erie, Pennsylvania where we swam in Lake Erie a bit, ate a lot of chicken wings, and sat around watching toooons of tv. I also went to Canada and saw Sheridan and Niagra Falls. We also got to go to Cedar Point...I hate rollar coasters, but I braved almost half of them so people wouldn't give me shit. Plus it was boring otherwise. I just got back on Wednesday to find out I'm not scheduled for work for two weeks. As much as I need the money, I'm relieved I get a slow two weeks, since all the work I'll be doing will be shifts I pick up from co-workers.
I'm gonna get the art train rolling again. This extended break has been making me feel super guilty. I probaby won't go back to figure drawing, but I'm plegding to sketch a lot more and finish the painting I started in June. I also have a project going in the back of my head that I'm gonna start on....Besides that, I want to start reading LoTR, and I should probably finish the Kurt Vonnegut books I started in June. I'm trying to hang with all of my friends before they all go away, but efforts are fruitless. There are just too many people to coordinate with.
I also got really tan (for me) while I was away, so I'm attempting to keep that up. I like having excessive amounts of freckles and not feeling like I glow in the moonlight.
Anyway, here are some tidbits from my sketchbook. Haven't done tons of sketches, just a few here and there.

I have a thing for robots lately....just can't stop doodling them.
Some song lyrics I really like

Robots...flipping everyone off. Yea...I don't know

I like my unisaur invention.
On another note...getting ready to move away for college! I hope my study permit comes in the mail soon, otherwise I'm screwed. Eep.