Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow day!!

About 2 feet of snow has fallen in the past 24 hours...and it's supposed to keep going for another day nonstop! So school has been cancelled. I was pretty pissed they didn't cancel it today either, since every other district in colorado cancelled school. Stupid st. vrain.
Anyway, life has been SO CRAZY so far this year.
I haven't been to life drawing in 3 weeks to start off, which sucks and is stupid. I blew it off last week to hang out with friends, which was a stupid desicion on my part since I was grounded and shouldn't have done that in the first place. I blew it off this week because of the snow. I solemly swear to go this saturday before work. I will blow off the epic light saber battle they are having on pearl street for it. It would be impossible to sneak out to anyway. I'd rather just get some drawing done and feel good about myself.
On that note: I'm grounded! I have my car taken away and I'm grounded. On halloween weekend. FML. I am going to sneak out I think just can't stop me from enjoying my favorite holiday. I haven't been grounded since I was this is the most frustrating thing in my life. I also have been a well-behaved child my whole life. This whole rebellion thing is pretty stressful, but I guess it has its thrills too. I do enjoy doing things differently, and gaining some perspective. I am sneaking out tomorrow during the day to build a snow fort with some friends, then friday I will sneak out late to go to this epic halloween party...on halloween I have to work til 10 (which is kind of good...It'll be dead at target and we'll probably have lots of candy and HOLIDAY PAYROLL :D gotta love increased wages) Nothing is actually going on, so I considering staying in. Then again, I could go to some friends' houses and have a pretty chill night or go to the nanowrimo write in....hmm...
Speaking of which NANOWRIMO IS COMING!! Woooo. This years novel is going to be great, I can feel it. I don't have a plot yet, which is good because it'll be far more entertaining that way and then there won't be any plot holes haha. My last years novel was a peice of shit, not nearly as good as my first one. I went too generic with the plot and didn't develop my characters at all. I am doing yet another sci-fi weirdo crazy person novel, but this time it'll be semi-autobiographical :)
On the topic of stories, I did just recently (almost) finished my latest art project, a graphic novel but not a novel more like a short story. I was up til 3 am monday night working on it, but it was received really well at the critique. I posted each page up to the board and the whole class read it and when they sat back down you could totally FEEL the heaviness. It was so awesome. Well, I mean, not the heaviness. It was a really sad and somber story, but I felt like I accomplished what I set out to do. People were affected by my art. My teacher told me this would be a good peice to submit to this big national scholarship contest thingy. She's going to help me bind it into a book. Anyway, when they were commenting on it they totally got all the plot points, the symbollism, everything. I was really pleased, because I was worried the pacing would be off and no one would understand anything going on. I'll post the story as soon as I can. It's 13 pages, but my computer (my cute little net book) doesn't have a photo editing program that will let me crop photos soooo yea. It's stupid.
This halloween my costume is going to be sick. I am such an art geek, I am actually going to turn myself into a work of art (haha get it?) But no, I am going to spend all of tomorrow night covering myself in paint in markers to look super epic. Then I am going to run around the next two days in hardly any clothing at all. (except at work xD ) I hope to get as close to naked as possible for the party friday night, not because I want to be a slut, but because I really want to display what I've done.
I'm so controversial. =P It's fun.
I am worried however that this party will get busted up by cops since apparently over 100 people are coming >_< lets hope not, I don't know how I am getting home that night so that situation could be kind of messy.
I also have two other projects going on right now, one of which I am about to get working on. (naked painting evening anyone?)
I am not too stressed about calarts anymore. I AM visiting in a few weeks, which I am excited for. I really want to sit in on a life drawing class, since I'll be there on a friday. I wonder if thats possible? I've heard of people doing it before...but I dunno. Would anyone have any advice? But really, from what I've heard I'm just not ready for the place. My drawing skills, while decent, aren't spectacular and I've never animated before. I really want to know more before I go there. Plus not many people there come straight out of high school so I would feel almost out of place getting in. I don't want to be behind the curve, and I wouldn't mind some time to just grow and develop as an artist. Anyway, I am trying to focus on drawing because I like drawing, not because I want to get into college.
A lot of my perspective has changed in the past few months. I really feel driven not to get a job at a studio one day so much as I just want to speak to people. Like I did in my last project. I really want to create interesting and original work. Perhaps I should look into experimental animation instead? Ugh, I hate how indecisive I am with life sometimes.

Here is the first page of my story, uncropped unfortunately, so probably kind of hard to read. It's not a perfect, publishable work. Like the fact that I forgot the "the" on the first page. Way to go.
It's one of my secret dreams to be a super successful novelist/graphic novelist. One day I'd like to have something published.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It feels like forever since I've drawn, even though its only been two weeks. I feel really rusty and out of it. Last night didn't go so well.
I had to take the bus to drawing since I am down one car and it sucked a lot. I am pretty sure they just make up the bus fares these days. Anyway, since I didn't have a car I decided just to bring a sketchbook and not the huge giant drawing board and paper and lug that around town, since I had some stuff to do beforehand.

I really hated this paper, so I started using pen. Here is the first 5 minute drawing I have liked in a long time. Its a little sideways though.
Maybe one of the only semi-decent things from the night. I bombed on the perspective of the leg though.

I did a peice without any construction, just to see how it would go. It was hard.

I did this one in about the last 5 minutes of the session. Can you tell? I can.
Thats pretty much all for now. I am procrastinating on an essay. Still feeling down. I guess thats my life in a nutshell though. School isn't going very well, friends aren't going very well. I wish someone would solve my problems for me.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Look! Something creative!

This is my finished first project for IB art. Pretty spancy, no? Didn't actually take me very long and not at all what I imagined, but I am strangely pleased anyway.

Sigh....well the past week has sucked hard and the next isn't looking so bright. I lost my car owning privileges basically for being a complete fuck up. :( I got far too carried away with trying to be accepted by some of my party-hard friends. I don't regret a thing though. It was a fun night, and it did a lot of good for me in some terms that I wish not to talk about online :)

Anyway, the point is getting to drawing is going to be a bitch. I'll have to take two buses, and then walk a ways since it doesn't go far enough. Oh well. I need to go, and no one can stop me. The part I am worried about is getting back. Going to the bus station and taking a bus at 10pm? Sounds sketch. Not looking forward to it. But if my mom worries, thats her beef. Maybe I'll just find a place to crash and then take the bus in the morning.

Ok, so here is something I doodled in my sketchbook tonight because I am starting to feel like not such an artist. I started a painting too, or at least sketched the picture out on a canvas. I need to work on my fine arts skills if I don't want to be eaten alive at calarts. I am going to be doing a graphic short story (as opposed to a whole novel) for my next IB art project. It's going to be dark, so as to fit my feelings lately. About a half monkey man named Herman Gray. Warning: it will not have a happy ending. But I am excited for it.

I feel a bit too similar to this lonely robot lately. I am seriously fucked in the head I think. Ah well, at least it makes my art more interesting.