Sunday, May 6, 2012

Megas XLR

My final for perspective. The assignment was to draw characters and a setting from one of your favorite cartoons. I picked Megas XLR even though I haven't seen that show in ages. This was stupid because I never draw mechanical things so drawing a giant robot in 3 pt was very difficult. I didn't get an A on this for a completely unspecified reason (I've aced everything else in the class, seriously, it was a waste of time) but I am pretty sure it would be because my composition is so busy. I think this would look better fully colored, but I am faaaar too lazy for that.

Also, I know it totally doesn't make sense they are standing outside the robot when they should be piloting it, but I had to draw the characters. It was stupid because the grid we had to do was only set up for birds eye perspective, but given the nature of giant robots, I knew it'd look better/be easier to draw worms eye. So I had to invent a fake ground plane, and cut characters off at the knees, which kind of ruins the whole aim of the assignment, which was to ground characters on a plane. If that is why I got points off, I'd be pissed, because it was my teachers suggestion anyway.

Final animation- 10 second scene

Goofy, thinking he is super cool, orders a beer at a bar, only to discover that he is a total lightweight.

Inspired by true events... in my own life. o.o

My final project for animation class. I slaved at least 50 hours on this baby, and I'm still not fully happy with it, but I can't stand working on it anymore. I don't think straight up 2d animation is my calling. Too much revision! At one point I had to redraw 50 frames because I got too off model. Ugh. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coraline Cat Walk Cycle

My final for fundamentals of Maya...I modeled, rigged, and animated this all on my own. The only guidance I really had for rigging and animating were the videos on (thank god for those) I basically did everything twice before getting it right. The walk is funky, but I've never even done a 2d two legged walk sooo yea. Obviously I am going to have no idea how the timing for a quadruped works, haha. Anyway, I feel like I accomplished something. It took a lot of work.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Figure Drawing Portfolio FInal

Our figure drawing final was to put together a 20 page portfolio of our best work from the semester. So here it is. .
..20 pages is a lot o.o Especially when we had zero days to do any exaggerated drawings. Fail.