Tuesday, April 5, 2011

100 Themes Challenge- Week 2

9. Doom- see comic here. Warning: Very awkward if you know me. Also very large image.

10. Garden
11. Sadness
12. Confusion
13. Freedom
14. Inevitable
15. Idle...hippies are idle right?
16. Vampires....living in Canada has made me pretty much look like a vampire.

In other news:
I got accepted to Laguna College of Art and Design. With some money. Yay.
I decided not to appeal my Sheridan portfolio. I talked to a student and she said I just didn't have it...oh well.

I'm not sure what next year brings. I might go to LCAD but my Dad wants me to commit to a school and the only place I want to commit to is Calarts. So I may take a year off but that idea scares the poop out of me because I really like being in school and can't imagine anything else.


  1. Congrats on getting accepted into LCAD... well I got rejected by Calarts and Sheridan too ... 3.82... so not going to fight it - thought I would apply to LCAD... curious to know, if you don't mind saying... what sort of scholarship money did they offer you

  2. 3.82? Do you mean 2.82? A 3.82 would most definitely get you accepted.
    Don't give up though! It's typical to get rejected several times.
    LCAD gave me 5,000 a year. The most I've heard of anyone else getting is 10,000 a year.

  3. lol...sorry... 2.82, i am sending my application into lcad this week... i think if i get in i will settle into my program there and forget the others... 15 to 1 student teacher ratio, students get hired into the industry, no sense fretting again about trying to get in the other programs but fully put myself into lcad

  4. cool! I might see you there, although I might still try to apply to calarts. If you got a 2.82 from Sheridan you'll easily get into LCAD I'm sure.

  5. curious to know how long from the time you sent you application into LCAD to when you heard back... I finally got mine sent in yesterday

  6. Let's see...I sent it out on March 4th, and I got the admission on April 2nd over email. So, not very long all things considered.