Sunday, May 6, 2012

Megas XLR

My final for perspective. The assignment was to draw characters and a setting from one of your favorite cartoons. I picked Megas XLR even though I haven't seen that show in ages. This was stupid because I never draw mechanical things so drawing a giant robot in 3 pt was very difficult. I didn't get an A on this for a completely unspecified reason (I've aced everything else in the class, seriously, it was a waste of time) but I am pretty sure it would be because my composition is so busy. I think this would look better fully colored, but I am faaaar too lazy for that.

Also, I know it totally doesn't make sense they are standing outside the robot when they should be piloting it, but I had to draw the characters. It was stupid because the grid we had to do was only set up for birds eye perspective, but given the nature of giant robots, I knew it'd look better/be easier to draw worms eye. So I had to invent a fake ground plane, and cut characters off at the knees, which kind of ruins the whole aim of the assignment, which was to ground characters on a plane. If that is why I got points off, I'd be pissed, because it was my teachers suggestion anyway.

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