Monday, October 5, 2009

Look! Something creative!

This is my finished first project for IB art. Pretty spancy, no? Didn't actually take me very long and not at all what I imagined, but I am strangely pleased anyway.

Sigh....well the past week has sucked hard and the next isn't looking so bright. I lost my car owning privileges basically for being a complete fuck up. :( I got far too carried away with trying to be accepted by some of my party-hard friends. I don't regret a thing though. It was a fun night, and it did a lot of good for me in some terms that I wish not to talk about online :)

Anyway, the point is getting to drawing is going to be a bitch. I'll have to take two buses, and then walk a ways since it doesn't go far enough. Oh well. I need to go, and no one can stop me. The part I am worried about is getting back. Going to the bus station and taking a bus at 10pm? Sounds sketch. Not looking forward to it. But if my mom worries, thats her beef. Maybe I'll just find a place to crash and then take the bus in the morning.

Ok, so here is something I doodled in my sketchbook tonight because I am starting to feel like not such an artist. I started a painting too, or at least sketched the picture out on a canvas. I need to work on my fine arts skills if I don't want to be eaten alive at calarts. I am going to be doing a graphic short story (as opposed to a whole novel) for my next IB art project. It's going to be dark, so as to fit my feelings lately. About a half monkey man named Herman Gray. Warning: it will not have a happy ending. But I am excited for it.

I feel a bit too similar to this lonely robot lately. I am seriously fucked in the head I think. Ah well, at least it makes my art more interesting.

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