Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm not dead yet

Well, I am not entirely dead yet. I haven't been doing too much life drawing, trying to save money right now. But I've still been drawing quite a bit.
I decided for my final project in art this year I want to do a short film. This was an intention I've had all year. I'm still unsure of whether or not I can pull it off, but its something I really want to try/do. Its going to be about a girl and her cactus, I think. I am aiming for 45 seconds. I still have no clue how to go about it besides drawing pictures on paper and flipping them around a whole bunch. I guess I should go check out the animators survival guide again from the library.

I was sketching today in math. I found I have this problem...whenever I draw women they all have the same face type. Thats another goal this year. I guess I will get cracking on portraits and such.
It's unfinished so far.

I had some sort of weird obsession with mermaids today, so I drew a whole bunch. Dunno why.

My current project is keeping me very busy. I am going to do a graffiti/mural peice in the school. I am SO excited about this. Ever since I wrote my extended essay on pixacao in brazil I have been fascinated with this culture, and I'm so psyched to get to try my own hand at it (legally, unfortunately)

This is the one I like best so far. I think I will be using this design

also, this is a project I finished up semi-recently, or at least a painted representation of it. I kicked my foot through a canvas. It was fun.

Here is the Imcompetent League. To be renamed at a later date.
It consists of my alter ego, Moose Boogers. She fights used tissues with her awesome gloves. There is Pregnant woman. Her powers are horomone rage attack and water burst. And Squidboy! He has to be carried around in a bucket. But he's really good at math and defeator of pens that have run out of ink (my no. 1 nemisis)

aaaaand finally....

oh math productive.
I have a major case of senioritis. I find myself coming home every day and doing nothing for 6 hours, then an hour of homework, and 2 more hours of nothing. In the next two days I've got half my psych IA due, all of my bio IA due (whats the use for that? my incompetent teacher will probably give me a 3/6 on every section...sure, give the IB seniors the NEW teacher. awesome) a timed writing in english, my TOK essay due, and hasn't been a very good week.
In other news, HAWAII IN 3 DAYS!

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