Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So today I got a call from Ringling telling me I'm off the waitlist....and I'm in!
I also got a call not even an hour later from Capilano informing me that I got in there as well.

It's kind of amazing, after struggling with all this college stuff and settling for the lowest rung and then BAM! It all happens at once, way later than everyone else. I guess maybe thats just how my life tends to go though.

Anyway, since I still haven't paid anything to Sheridan, the option to withdrawl and go somewhere else is still there, I think. It couldn't be too hard? But its a big desicion, and I'm really torn. So here's my pro/con list

Why I want to go to Sheridan:
-It's in another country. How exciting :)
-It's really affordable
-It will help me with my foundational skills, which I feel I really need in order to be the best animator I can be
-It will hopefully lead me straight to Calarts (not to jinx it)
-I'll be going to a place my life has revolved around for so long, but I've never seen it
-Already signed up, got housing, told everyone I was going there, etc
Why I don't want to go to Sheridan:
-It's so cold o.o
-I won't get to animate
-I don't think the campus/city will be very pretty

Why I want to go to Ringling;
-Florida is warm 8)
-I have family nearby
-It's one of the best animation schools in the country, which reaps lots of benefits
-I'm really impressed with the work I see there, I'd love to create work like that
-I really like the campus
Why I don't want to go to Ringling:
-Not sure if I can get aid or housing at this point
-I've never been a huge fan of computer drawing or animating, I always tend to the traditional side, I'm not sure if I could adjust to all that computer work
-Twice the price of the other two
-If I went here, I would probably not go to Calarts ever
-I'd have nothing to wear!
-Sarasota isn't that great of a town, from what I saw anyway

Why I want to go to Capilano:
-Get to start animating right away
-Everyone tells me Vancouver is really really awesome
-Canada is an adventure!
-I can be somewhere where I get to snowboard ^.^
Why I don't want to go to Capilano:
-No family in a 500 mile radius x.x
-Not sure where it'll lead me (will I stay? will I go to Calarts? no idea)
-Don't really know that much about the school, I can't say I've really heard of it from anyone besides Kevin/Samantha o.o

....I guess sticking to Sheridan makes the most sense, although I feel like I'd really lose something to turn down either of these oppurtunities.



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  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! I still haven't herd back from capilano rrrg I hate waiting >:C.

    good luck with what you decide on. :)