Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From color theory class last week. I'm kind of sad he didn't want to keep mine, but I got an A so I can't complain. I really like it, it was a fun assignment. I also felt like I learned a lot from it. I realized this as I was working on my new painting this morning.

Today I woke up not sad at all about Sheridan. I'm mostly just irritated that everyone else is getting in. Sheridan wasn't my dream school, but I'd like some validation, especially for all that work I put into it.

Anyways, there is something thrilling and enticing about rejections. Sure, it's scary and I don't know what comes next, but that is also the fun part. I could do ANYTHING if I really wanted to. So much potential. Even though I hope I get into LCAD. I keep having daydreams about living in a groovy apartment I can't afford and learning how to surf in my free time.

Here are some drawings from tonight's life drawing that I almost like, but not quite


  1. MERI! I just browsed through your blog, read some of the things you said, and i think you do have a lot of potential. Your life drawings are fairly solid, and your character designs have a sense of personality.
    It's really OK if you didnt get in, its not the end of the world (cliche), so look at it as a chance to get a whole lot better before you enter the program (assuming youre determined to get in and wana try again next year), The better you are when you get in, the easier it'll be to stay motivated and to improve even more and be amazing, the easier it'll be to get a great internship in 3rd year, the easier it'll be to get a sweeeet job in the long run. In other words, forget how shitty rejection is, and have fun drawing, challenge yourself but have fun doing it AND DO A LOT OF IT :) Focus on what you want, and dont beat yourself up for "not being good enough", cuz you definitely have a lot of potential and if you keep it up, youll make it next year. hope this helps, stay awesome :)

  2. Hey thanks Noam. That means a lot coming from you, mostly because I didn't think you knew who I was, ha. I will definitely keep drawing all the time and stay as awesome as possible :)

  3. hahah awesome :)
    are you that girl from yoga - last semester? or is that just totally random?

  4. yes, I am that girl from yoga. I think we talked like...once :3