Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So it's October and I bet you all are wondering "Meri, where are those super amazing drawings you promised us over a month ago???"
The answer is: I don't know.

Have I apparently dropped off the face of the blogging planet?
According to my standards: yes.

Don't ask me why, or I will disappoint you again my friends. My mind is scattered today and I feel lost for words so I will be brief.

I really love it here at LCAD. Laguna Beach is super pretty, as long as you pretend there aren't all these other people here around you. The school is full of awesome teachers and legit classes. The weather is downright pleasant at worst. I like it here, and I don't want to move again, so I will not be putting together anymore entrance portfolios. I am staying.

What do I seem to be doing these days? Cutting a lot of things out in photoshop, and arranging lots of rectangles in illustrator. I'm sure the actual art bit will come eventually. But I am learning things, mostly. Well, not in figure drawing (big surprise) but everything else is worth my time. Oh ho ho, don't even get me started on figure sculpture. It hurts my brain.

Let's not even mention the going to the beach every weekend, preparing for NanoWrimo (which will be epic and decent this time around), looking for job (had an interview with coldstone today), cooking, cleaning, exercising several times a week, and someone who makes me feel like a stupid shy blushing little 13 year old girl again, not that that's much difference from the stupid, shy little 19 year old that I am. Whoops, already did.

BUT I have managed to do a bit of art here and there, so enjoy what you can, if you can:

1. Because I am a dork and have decided to fangirl hardcore about something because The Hunger Games is so totally worth fingerling about. Finnick4life!!! <3 So here is some fan art, for the first time ever. NEVER BACKLIGHT ANYTHING AGAIN.

2. Because the idea of Raindance Maggie is so sexy I can't help but draw a super implicative pin-up.

3. Because astronauts are cute AND NO I AM NOT A HIPSTER. But I am apparently a noob who types in all caps and talks to myself. Yea...it's bedtime.

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