Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Comp and Color Digital Notebook

So for my final project in Comp and Color class we had to put together a digital notebook of all the work we did from the semester. Since it was the most challenging and most fun class I had, I thought I would post it for all the world to see.
We had to do a crash course in basic page design for this, and since I'm no designer, I went with something pretty simple.
Also, this isn't all the work. A lot of these we had to create many, many images. I included my favorites. Also also, some of these were in class exercises, which is why they are kind of crappy.

I would like to say thank god I had a digital comp and color class. I saw the traditional ones and they got to reproduce painting after painting after painting. It was much easier to learn the principles on a program like illustrator, rather than trying to mess with painting techniques and so on.

(In class exercise)

(In class exercise)

There were 12 of these we had to do...and answer all 6 questions for. It took foreveeeer.

(In class exercise)

(In class exercise...I've been meaning to redo this project because I had some cool ideas but was too limited by the time to pull them off the way I wanted. Also my tablet stopped working in this class.)

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