Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My depiction of Fraser playing Rhythm Heaven on Video Games Awesome, an internet show about people sitting on their couch playing video games (ok, so it's more of a live stream thing)
Yes, this is what I do with my time. Watch other people playing video games and then draw them fan art. It's the best.

I promise one day I'll post real work (I have been doing stuff, I swear!) I've got some pretty animashuns to post, some hardcore maya modeling I've had to do, and uh, some boxes I drew in one point perspective. Yea, my classes are kind of unbalanced with their difficulty right now. I probably have a lot of figure drawings too. I'm finally in a figure drawing class for animation and it is THE BOMB. Someone is teaaachiiing meeee!!

I have been writing a new blog about my awesome life and doing a few quick drawings for it just as quick little doodle illustrations. It's nice to draw things without any pressure to make them amazing.

Projects/things I want to do:
-Calvin and Hobbes fan comic
-Organic design/illustrations hearkening back to things I drew in high school. I realized how much I hate to design when I am worried about functionality all the time so it might be nice to loosen up and just have fun. I want to take my doodles--which are probably the most creative things I do right now--and make them real artworks.
-Hark a Vagrant style comics about Ancient Greece for my Western Civ class (this is the one most likely to happen since it is an actual project I will be graded on)
-Environment studies. I like drawing environments. Why don't I do it more often?

Someone asked me what my favorite thing was to draw the other day and I couldn't think of an answer....I don't know man. Does that make me a bad artist? (by bad I mean not dedicated enough)

In other news: This blog gets most of it's hits from people googling "rejected sheridan portfolio" Ha, that is kind of depressing.
To all those kiddos out there applying and getting rejected: it's not the end of the world. I promise. There are wonderful things waiting out there for you in the world. You just have to keep looking.

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