Saturday, October 20, 2012

Character Design Rampage ARHGFHGDDK

This past week was midterms, and I realized I hadn't solidly gotten any of my 6 character designs down for my visual storytelling project (one long ass storyboard). So I spent 5 days furiously drawing (meanwhile running around the East Coast playing with new running shoes and my black lab puppy) and pooped out all of this. 

Title pending. But I love all the stupid names I gave the characters. There isn't any dialogue, so none of it matters. They're just for my enjoyment. And now yours too.*

I also finished my second character design project. This is Jo March of Little Women as an alternative punk rock burlesque dancer. With a giant snake. And a pole. Jo always was my favorite. Fuck yea.

My teacher said I captured my reference artist pretty well so I consider this a success. Even if there are slight anatomical problems. Whatever. JUST ENJOY THE SNAKE.

So the moral of the story is that if you suck at character design life is going to throw tons of character design projects in your face (I still have a couple more to do for my final animation projects that we are starting) and then you are going to fill half a sketchbook in 5 days and get lots of people at the airport looking over your shoulder and telling you to become a professional artist. Thanks, stranger! Your input validates me greatly.

The layouts were fun though, once I remembered what perspective was.

Oh, and I totally had a seriously intense character designer moment after working on designs for 4 hours straight on a plane and then getting off the plane in Atlanta and seeing nothing but shapes everywhere. IT WAS SO SHAPE-TASTIC OH MY GOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It was like being drunk on design. Freaking amazing.

*For the record, "Apedog" was the self-declared name of some guy I once met. I am sorry I stole his name for this project, but it was a really perfect fit so I just couldn't help myself. Apedog, if you ever see this, I hope you feel honored. If you don't well then I apologize. 

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