Saturday, December 19, 2009

I feel embarassed and ashamed when I see what other people are submitting as their portfolios. I am not worthy of anything, ever. No matter how hard I work, there is always the giant mountain in front of me that is my empty heart. It feels impossible to climb. Alone at least. But no one wants to help me all that much.
Did I mention that I hate christmas, winter, short days, working 2 jobs, applying to college, cramming for finals, and being utterly rejected by people I thought were my friends, all in one week?
I know it's probably just the short days that make me more sad than usual, but sometimes I feel like spring will never come.

Just a couple of paintings from the last few weeks.


  1. Meri,

    LOVE both the paintings, especially the bottom one. Seriously awesome stuff. Is any of your work for sale?

  2. Uh not really...I've never thought about it I guess. I do know I need to keep my stuff until the end of the school year for the art show at the very least.