Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Geebus

Got really sick really quickly. I am so stressed out with all these presentations and orals and finals coming up. Gah its scary. Plus work. Plus nutcracker.

Spending majority of today compiling things and setting them up for my final portfolio. I should be doing homework/studying.
Forcing myself to go to drawing tonight because I skipped last week. I'm sick, but I need to do this. At least I've worked on my anatomy? My sketchbook is coming along really nicely, I think it'll really boost my portfolio.

I decided I like my work ok. Just not compared to everyone elses. I wish other people liked it too, but they don't >_< or at least no one says anything.

Also, its 0 degrees farenheit out there. Ouch. No fun.

At least I've improved a lot in the last year. See?
When I first decided I was going to calarts:

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