Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Family is really good at making cakes

My moms cake. Apparently she had fully frosted it and everything and turned her back for a few moments only to turn around and find it crumbling like the Berlin wall. So she put it in a pan. It was delicious anyway
You can tell my dad tried really hard, he even dug up old toy story toys from our huge collection of mcdonalds toys to put on it. Unfortunately there was only enough frosting to half cover the sides. God I love Zurg.

Today I have entered into the magical realm 0f adulthood.

No fairies came to change me. Maybe in my sleep?

Mostly today has been like every other day. Went to school, did stuff, came home. I didn't know what to do with myself so I took a super long walk, because it was about 65 out which is really nice. Usually on my birthday it has just snowed and is totally dreary. But today was downright pleasant, weatherwise.

I got many nice things, including cash, gift cards to some of my favorite clothing stores, and a gift card to the cheescake factory (yum o.o) I sense much shopping is afoot. I will probably spend the cash on some goache paints or the like. I need some of those suckers. And then maybe a peircing :) Which I can get by myself this year! Woo! I also got some graphic novels, the animators survival kit, a hotel reservation in san diego for comic con (THANK YOU DAD. I was so stressed about finding a place to stay) and a really creepy personalized sock monkey. At least this one didn't have a thong under its dress. (long story) So overall, I hit the jackpot this year. I mean this hotel thing just relieved like half the amount of stress I felt before. Which is good, because I was hyperventilating earlier a lot this week. They scheduled me a ridiculous amount at work. I'm going to go have a throwdown with my boss, if I can handle it anyway, because my availability form says max of 17 HOURS. 17. NOT 35. wtf. I am going to go insane if I have to spend that much time at target and school. Sigh. But they did send me a nice little birthday card, all the LODs signed it and everything. Awfully kind of them after I called in for two 8 hours shifts in a row.

Here are some drawings from awhile ago, which I liked until right now. It's a MAN. Holy Shiz!
20 min

30 seconds

30 seconds
30 seconds
2-5 minutes?
10 minutes. This was right after my teacher sat down with me to discuss the leg. I told him I wish I knew what was going on under there and he was like "oh, blah blah blah" and made it perfectly clear in mere minutes. Why can't the books do that??? Anyway, I totally get it now (I think)
You know, he actually was kind of lopsided in this pose (I checked and everything), but I made the mistake of drawing it that way too. Now it just looks stupid.
GAAAAAAAAAAAH TRYING TO PUT TOGETHER ANOTHER PORTFOLIO IS MAKING ME INSANE. Honestly, why didn't I plan ahead for this sort of thing? Dumb, dumb, dumb.
I'm trying to get going on my film. I'm starting to feel like it was a really bad idea to do a film for IB Art. I'm trying to master a medium that takes people a lifetime to understand in, oh, a month. AHHHH. I just got the animators survival kit too, so I suddenly realize I have no idea about anything. Wow. Go me for making stupid desicions. Oh well. Gotta do it anyway, or at least try, or I don't get my diploma. And thats 4 years wasted.

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