Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's desicion time.
I hate desicion time :/

So heres the deal:

I got accepted into the art fundamentals program at sheridan
I'm still waiting on the animation program. Chances are slim.
Still waiting on capilano. I haven't heard a word from them, I even emailed the director of admissions and got no reply. Did they even get my application???
Still have to hear back from Ringling, but that'll be awhile
Apparently I can still apply to Laguna. I have no idea what my chances are there. I know the program is very small, and they still have space. Does that mean its easy to get in? Or are they super selective? I can't tell. I dunno.

The point is, Sheridan has given me an offer and 3 weeks to reply. The program seems like a good idea. I could seriously use a year to just work my ass off on my general art skills and then apply again to Calarts. And it's very affordable. The question is, what if I get in somewhere else that I would prefer? And Ontario is so cold. It's all city-ish and freezing. Would I be happy at all there? Then again, it's only a year, and it's an adventure. And I could really use the year....Think of what it could do for me. Would I be better off waiting on other schools that might reject me, or I might get in and go there and learn some animation while also getting better at drawing, OR just going to sheridan and focusing completely on drawing?

I am so bad at making important desicions!!! What should I do?!?!!?

Here is some recent artwork. The last 3 are going to be in an art show today :) I'm excited!

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