Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well its a thursday and we all know what that means! I had another boy this time, which I always love. Because drawing men is awesome. So...refreshing. I tried to loosen up today and just play around with him. I think it went pretty well. Colored construction paper always really helps me just be not so uptight.

He just was in sitting like this and we told him to keep it.
This looks absolutely nothing like Carson, which is why I kept laughing every time I looked down at it. It looks so stupid....but I like it.

I did this same pose again (Nat took her time with drawing so it was rather slow) but with looser, more exagerrated lines and color for fun.

This is my favorite of the day. About 15 minutes maybe. I love it. It looks like he is going to turn around and start dancing/stripping to thriller or something

Eh I am tired of couch poses.

A quick 3 minute pose. Not sure why it didn't get flipped. But I'm too lazy to change anything now.
Carson is good model. I'd ask him back...but that would be weird. o.O

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  1. The one on orange (your favorite) rocks! If the pencil was a thin black marker, i'd buy it.