Thursday, July 9, 2009


It's been forever since I've updated. Been really busy, and they keep calling me in for work last minute. But heres some stuff from recentish.

Anatomy practice out of a book.
And more anatomy practice. Look at the back of those feet! They're beauts.

This is my favorite from the past week. It was book work, which I shouldn't do, I know, but I am too lazy to drive forever to get to denver for some real life drawing.

The final bookwork. Mostly I was just restless and needed to do some drawing.

My friends annie and tara came over this week to do some modeling. Annie wore a pretty dress. :) I slaughtered it

Tara and my kitty. He's hard to define in this picture.

Tara with purple skin. Probably the best of the day

The end! I am going to a polo match on saturday, and maybe denver tomorrow so I will try and make something good for once.

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