Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Crazy Stuff+Denver Zoo

After looking at my sketchbook after the zoo, I realized how much I am not sharing on here that I do in my sketchbook. I do draw a lot not from life at times when I get bored and am alone, and sometimes life drawings sneak in there. But I thought I'd post the stuff anyway, for fun.

View from my car at the gunbarrel shopping center. Sometimes when I arrive to meet friends but am the first one, I will sit in my car until they show up.
Some old people at a diner we went to for breakfast on July 5th.

Dogs at the doggy day care I work(ed?) at (not sure if I have been fired or not...made a mistake then never heard back from anyone ever again)

PS, its a really boring job anyways

I actually met this man, and he actually told me this (while he was drunk and very, very high) I thought he was the most hilarious person ever.

Doodling at the outdoor cinema. I never named that gay alien...

Bored at dinner in creed...
Drawing my cat, among other thingsDoodling while on break. You can see some coworkers. I really love my evil laughing dude in the bottom corner. He's just so evil!
Last night I was hanging out with some friends (hannah and andrew). Andrew was telling me about how his brother was known as Jet Sinister everywhere outside of Boulder. I decided that was the perfect villain name. Then Hannah called me the queen of awesome while I was dancing around (something I do pretty frequently) and I was like thats the perfect hero name. Hence Queen of Awesome was born. I plan to make this into a web comic/video? Not sure yet, but it will be very...awesome. So far I have the protagonist Mae, who is the queen of awesome (loosely based off me...who else?) her friends AJ and Mustang Sally (Andrew and Hannah of course), Popsicle the wise old dude (based off Andrews dad...he actually calls him that), and the evil Jet Sinister and his army of hipsters trying to steal Mae's awesomeness and take over the world (he really is friends with an army of hipsters). Oh and don't forget Aya Cockram, his mute fiance (he really does have a fiance known as Aya one has ever met her though. She lives in Korea) I am working on a few more characters, as well as some stories. And noooooow...

I went back to the zoo today, with my friend Nat. We drew teh purty animals ^.^

We started at the elephants. I brought along my crayola markers to keep my lines simple and thick and my shading within reason. They were fun. My hand is rainbow now.
This one here, particularly the one on top, is one of my favorites of the day

Nat named the elephant darla. The other was mike, but I didn't draw him (her?) Also, my goats look incredibly cartoony. It was odd.

Hehe. Its the CSU ram. Not that I am a fan. He is just the right color for it

Monkeys are creepy

I love drawing bears <3

This reminds me a lot of brother bear. I think its the neck.

Another one of my favorites. I named this gorilla Francis. I have no idea what his real name is

The giraffes were really antsy because the wind picked up and there was some thunder. I have never seen a giraffe run. Its very funny looking

There are two giraffes here. It is hard to tell. I should have used another color.

Also very antsy due to the storm. He rolled on his belly and it was cute. But he wouldn't stand still for me. Except when he peed. You can see that down bottom

Overall I did about 50 pages in my sketchbook. It was fun, and I loved the markers.

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