Tuesday, September 14, 2010


so...yesterday I had english. It was easy and made me feel smart. Then I had 3d design. The teacher, kirsten abrahamson, breezed over the course outline and got us started on the first project right away, which was a simple sculpture no large than 10 inches tall. We have to use platiscine, which never dries, and have 3-5 objects, with 3 repeating objects and 3 textures. We had til the end of class, so about 2 hours. This was really stressful for me, because I've never taken a sculpture class in my life. Some of my classmates made some AMAZING stuff during the time we had. I made....well, what you see above. Not so amazing. I tried to model it after Boulder, since I really didn't know what else to do. But yea....sculpture is going to be hard. We'll be making this out of wire and foam core in the next few weeks. So at least it's simple....

After that I had drawing, with Brenda McCrank. She spent awhile talking about the class, blah blah blah, I kind of didn't listen very hard. Then we did a blind contour of the model. Mine is silly, its all in the same spot. I didn't mean to draw so small.

Then she taught us about how to find the center point of our paper, and divide it into quadrants, so we can get our proportions and placement better. This is the exercise she had us do...we had to place the hands, feet, and head as ovals on the paper where they should go. I actually had a lot of trouble with this, mostly because we did it in conte. I've decided I don't really like conte or charcoal at all. I think I am allergic to conte as well....bleh.
After that, we had to do a negative space exercise. That was interesting. We only had 10 minutes, so I didn't finish...It's a little off too, but not bad for my first try.
Finally, we got to a 5 minute sketch. My first real male model! He was old, it was cool.
After class, I stayed in the room for extra life drawing, which is free as long as you can get a spot. A different model came in. We did some 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute, and 10 minute poses, along with a 20 minute pose at the end. I didn't label them so I can't remember which is which, but here's some of the best stuff from last night.

the one above is actually one of my favorites...I think it was 2 minutes.
I am surprised at how much easier it is for me to draw clean, non-hairy lines when I use waxy pencils, such as colored pencils. I don't know how it happens or what makes it different, but I really like them.

I spent most of the time just trying to get proportions and anatomy down and such. I'm not feeling ready to experiment with new mediums or styles, I feel like it will mess up my work. But I know I should. My drawings are good (for now), but they're not interesting enough to get me into calarts I think...

I almost left before the last pose, but I'm glad I didn't, because it came out rather well.

Today I had drawing systems. We started our milk carton project (I bought a correctly sized milk carton minutes before class...a smart move. plus it was delicious!) I was kind of nervous at first, and cautiously put a few lines down not really knowing what I was doing, but soon it enough it became easy. Next week we'll be drawing it isometrically....so I guess that means with perspective? The scale is 1:1 in case you were wondering.
Anyway, yea, I think I am going to try to go to extra life once more this week. That 13 hour day was tiring, but it felt sooooo good. The extra life session made me feel just so much happier. I like being proactive about my future, and it also reassured me that I haven't forgotten everything I learned about figure drawing over the summer.

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