Thursday, September 16, 2010

Went the extra life again last night. The model was super fantastic yet again, she had cool dyed hair and a very pretty face. Unfortunately I barely got to see it, since I was on the side. Anyway, we did a lot of 30s, 1 and 2 minutes, and a few 5s and one 10 at the end. Here's some of the highlights.
At first I didn't like these, but then I noticed the progression on the paper of the movement. The model obviously thought about all her poses before taking them, because she would simply glide into the next one in one fluid movement. Very nice.

It's so nice to have a model that really puts a lot of thought into each pose, and a lot of movement as well. It turns out some really interesting and dynamic drawings. I think this is the most dynamic stuff I've ever done!

One of my favorites of the night. Even the guy next to me, who attended two years of animation school said he liked it ^.^

The final pose almost always goes well :) I always push myself to stay til the end.

In other news....I applied in interviewed for a job with the student union today. Well, I applied yesterday and got the call 2 hours later.
It went well I think. The interview was short. It's for a position as a promotions coordinator at the satellite campus down the street. It's the trade school center, so they want to get the students there more involved. There's only one thing that didn't go so well. They asked what kinds of events I might plan for the campus, and I couldn't really think of anything good. They kept trying to help me. The executive VP asked me if I could draw anything from my CIT experience. I was thinking "dude, I planned activities for 7-12 year old girls, not 18-25 year old guys!!" Of course, as soon as I walked away, I remembered how I wanted to plan a game of zombies vs humans....that would have been the perfect answer!!! Grrr, why didn't I think of it sooner?? There were probably over 3 dozen applicants, and I probably just lost the position because of that. Gah. It sucks too, because there aren't really any job opportunities left on campus, the only place I can work due to my international status, so this could leave me jobless, and penniless, for the next semester. :/ boo. The job sounded like a lot of fun too.
It was odd though. The guy before me had like a suit and tie, and the girl after me was in sweatpants and flip flops...At first I was all "wow I'm so underdressed" and then I thought "wow at least I'm not wearing sweatpants and flipflops." Gah...I only applied yesterday but I really want this job. :(

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