Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last thursday I went to extra life yet again. I was having a really bad day, on account of the fact that I had gotten nothing done, and I also didn't get the job. I didn't like the model much, or maybe it was just me, but I just wasn't doing it. These are the few things that turned out decent...I also left early.

Yea, nothing too special. Maybe this next will be better.

So last wednesday I had color theory again. I didn't get much in class, but I completed the first part of the assignment this morning. We were to take our 6x6 motif and repaint it in a greyscale. It took me 4 hours T.T Besides some warped shapes (I have a really unsteady painting hand) I think it came out pretty good, eh?

I also did my drawing homework today. Well, I actually did it awhile ago, but I decided to redo it today, because it was pretty obvious I cheated. The assignment was to spend 1 hour doing a self portrait blind contour. My first attempt I gave up quickly, because I knew it was too small.
The second time I went way too fast. It took me about 5 minutes to do whats below, which is the majority of the work.
The third time I finally spent a good 35-40 minutes (close enough) working on it, and it turned out alright, but I ended up peeking a lot, and I feel like you can tell. Still, I actually kind of like it as a general drawing though.
Finally, I went back over an attempt I had given up on earlier, and completed the whole thing in about a total of 45 minutes. So yea.
Our other assignment for drawing was to trace a picture of a skeleton and shade it with the light coming from the right...I don't know why?

On friday I had 2d design. Still the most fun class, because its just so laid back, mostly because of the teacher. I took pictures, but forgot to upload them. We're just working with black gouache and doing lines, shapes, textures, and then we have to make a 4 piece abstract composition. It's due by the end of next class, so there are sure to be more pictures.
Friday night I went to a nearby pub with some friends from class. We ate and chatted and it was nice. After that I came back to res and hung out with some other friends. We drank a little, talked a little, and played some video games. Somehow, people kept coming over, and it became a party. My two guy friends, well one of them mostly, is very popular with the ladies, and when there are girls, more guys will show up. And when there are college kids on a weekend, there is booze, and thus a party is born. I bowed out early, 2 am (hardly) because, well, I got tired!
On saturday I was going to do some work, but my friend Tahini invited me to go out for lunch. We went to burger king and I had poutine for the first time ever. It was yummy, but sooo fattening and disgusting. Definitely never eating that again, haha. Especially not from burger king. After that we went to the mall with Chris and Bryce, where they did some shopping for stuff. Then we came back to res and had our movie night after playing some pictionary and charades (we watched zombieland) and then we sat around reading comics and listening to some awesome indie music and eating nachos. Yea, I love being in art school.
Anyhow, today I mostly just slaved away at homework, then I actually cooked! (pasta, grilled peppers, and olive oil. Oooooh yea iron chef here I come) And now I'm doing this. Tomorrow is my long day. Boo.

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