Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hey everyone! Excuse the fact that blogger won't let me format this entry very well, I also forgot to upload the pictures in backwards order so they would show up chronologically. So just think of this like the episode of seinfeld that goes backwards.
Above is my desk, complete with all my junk on it. Such things include my favorite hot wheels car, my chalkboard pig, marvin the manically depressed robot and arthur, pirates pillaging my desk organizer (I like to think of it as their vessel), a plant I will surely kill that my roommate gave me, my poster signed by the cast of the guild, my serenity comic signed by Nathan Fillion, two mooses, disney bobbleheads, a toy story lunchbox, a barrel of monkeys, my computer, and some posters. All my most prized possessions. I really only brought the necessities to college with me.
So if you haven't figured out, I'm in college now! Woohoo! This is my room. I have a pretty sweet set up in my opinion. I get my own room, thats very roomy (lolpun. but you know what I mean). It has a TV with cable, a desk, a dressed, some shelves, and an open closet space (see next picture) Besides that, I have a shared kitchen, which has all of the ammenities save an oven (gotta use the community kitchen for that), and a bathroom which is pretty nice, except that the shower is meant for a child. Not even kidding, I can't even bend down to shave my legs. But I'm pretty happy with the whole deal, and my roommate is a pretty cool person.
Sheridan seems like a pretty nice place as of yet. The school is HUGE, but I'm slowly starting to find my way around the place. All of my classes are in the same wing, except for communications. My schedule is kind of ridiculous. I have 6 classes, all 3 hours long, and 3 of them are all on monday. Epic fail. I have thursdays off, which is really stupid, friday would be much more to my advantage. I'm going to see if I can shuffle a few things around, maybe make it more to my liking, if they'll allow me to.

Things of note: my "spirit guides" on top of the shelves (including a duck, moose, dragon, pegasus, piggy, and gummy bear), the ridiculous amount of books I hauled out here, all the ones on the bottom are art related books, all the cds I hauled out here (behind TV), nerf gun next to red bull. Booya.

I had orientation last friday. It was interesting, I guess? I had to come at 8 am for the international orientation. That was actually the most helpful part of orientation. They went over all sorts of stuff I had questions on, and I got to meet all the freshman who are internationals as well. Some US, a lot of Indonesians and Chinese, and some from really cool places like Barbados and the Bahamas. The rest of orientation was a bit of a snooze, a lot of people got up and talked about stuff they didn't really know about. I didn't really meet too many people, although I did sit next to a guy who looked like Zac Efron. Weird.
After that I did all my moving in, and yesterday me and my dad went shopping and got the rest of the stuff I needed and a bunch of groceries. Although I've realized I still have no food for any meals, just a lot of breakfast food and snacks. Oh well, haha, my aunt told me "welcome to adult life" After that my dad left and I was on my own and it was really bizarre. I'm on my own. Holy crap!!! After all this time and it's finally happened. Kind of strange. I feel a bit like I'm at summer camp. All the RAs are like our counselors. We just have to cook our own food and theres absolutely no structure to the day.
Last night some unofficial RAs threw a party in their oversize dorm (they lucked out and got the handicapped dorm room) so I finally got to meet a bunch of people. Me and my roomie party hopped a little, then ended up in our neighbors room, two guys down the hall, and this other girl was with us too. It was so exciting, one of them had some animation books in his room, and the other had a whole shelf of comic books and graphic novels. I was so thrilled, and I stayed there for several hours talking to them about all kinds of things. Finally...people who share my interests!
This is lake Ontario, from downtown Oakville. It's a really cute park, we went there first thing upon arriving to Oakville. I've found I don't get any phone service here, and my GPS doesn't work either. It's odd, because when I visited in July, all of that stuff worked for us. I'm not sure whats going on....

Oakville is pretty cool. Its right outside of toronto, so theres TONS of traffic, but the downtown is adorable, and theres a comic book store down the street, and a shopping area up the street.
I think the most culture shock thing I'm experiencing is the city life. I looked out my window the other night and couldn't see a single star...strange. It made me feel a little bit homesick. But last night I looked out and could see some...maybe it's a sign.
Other weird things:
Milk in a bag. We couldn't find the milk at the store because we didn't think to look for it in bags! I ended up buying a carton, and my roomie commented on how odd that was. Haha, her milk is in a bag.
Alcohol. The drinking age here is 19, so everyones got alcohol, and no one really cares. Our unofficial RAs told people they could bring booze to their party last night, and people did! I arrived here and there were serveral bottles in my roommates room. It's just odd...but good odd!
This school. Apparently its really famous around Ontario. And I thought I was going to a noname school. At home I had to explain where it was every time.
Here's me drinking my first Tim Hortons. At the advisement of Kevin I got an iced cappuccino. It was delicious!
All my stuff packed away in my room. I felt like I took lots of things, and I packed my car full, and yet I got here and unpacked it all and it feels somewhat empty....strange.

I'm really excited to get classes underway, as much as my schedules sucks on mondays. I need the school to reopen (the have labor day here too) so I can get all the stuff I didn't get to on orientation day done, like get my art supplies (its included in my tuition....can you believe that?!? God I love Canada) and my student ID, concert tickets, sign up for a gym class (I'm thinking zumba will be a lot of fun), get a bank account, turn in a copy of my study permit, go to the doctors clinic here, and apply for an on campus job (I need the extra cash) So much to do! Extra life drawing will be starting the week after next, and you can bet your ass I will be going. I have so much portfolio work to do its not even funny! I don't have a single piece! Gah. But mostly I just want to have something to do....its kind of boring right now, with literally nothing going on.

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  1. Unh! So cool! Canada seems awesome. I hope you have a lot of fun. :D
    Kevin was telling me about this candy called Nanaimo bars. You should buy some and tell me how it is because it sounds delicious.