Friday, November 19, 2010

A lots has happened this week...

Here are some nicer pictures of the final finished product of my head, in a nice pretty format.
Anyways. I think I'll be including that in my Calarts portfolio, it came out rather nicely.

Also, I decided to redo Queen of Awesome Page 1 in a hard copy format, and I like it a lot more with the copic markers. I also redesigned the page, added a panel, redid some poses and writing.
I am much more excited to do the next page.
I also finished my sketchbook. Upon the advice I received at NPD last week (more about that later) I am deciding to include another one, which I will have to race to finish, but hopefully it will show a little bit more crazy, expressive stuff. I started doing that a bit in the end of my old one.
I also did some animal sketches, because I know they like those.

I crumpled up each page several times, each time adding a new color to the tops of the wrinkles. Then I flattened it out and found an interesting image. I guess I was in a caricature mood, because that's all I could seem to see

I also did some work where I closed my eyes and moved my pencil along to a song. I went back and colored it a bit. The following are "Hard to Concentrate" and also "Don't Forget Me" both by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
They took a lot longer than you think. I spent maybe 1-2 hours on the 2nd.
And also, here is my finished fall emblem project for 2d design. It's not perfect, I messed up a few values, and you can't fix gouache once you put it on the illustration board :( I didn't really mean to do pink, I was thinking red, but it came out very, very pink instead. Oh well. October is Breast Cancer month. That works with it, right?

I didn't really do any figure drawings I liked this week, besides some gestures in class that I need to turn in next week. Next week I will get some more done, but I think I like what I have in my portfolio right now, for the most part. I am going to go back and cut some out and compose them on colored paper to brighten up the portfolio a bit.
So last weekend, highlights were:
-Christians Birthday party in his condo in Mississauga. All his friends came up for it, and I got drunker than a hillbilly. Whoops. I guess that is what happens when you don't drink for over a month. Anyways, that was bad because my ride left randomly in the middle of the night while I was asleep. Thanks.
-National Portfolio Day! Ok so, interesting experience. Last year I went right after homecoming, and this year I was in very much the same state as I was before. Hardly any sleep, feeling very sick. I got sick several times on the way there. It made me feel very trashy. Anyway, we went with Christians friends Brian, Dylan, and Alicia, along with Brian's mom, who drove us to Yorkdale where we could take the subway into the city, which we did. Then we walked to OCAD and stood outside in line for about two hours. It was cold. And miserable. I kept saying I was going to die. Because that's how I felt. Anyways, the door finally opened a bit before noon and we went straight upstairs where I hopped right into the Calarts line. It was in the same room for Nova Scotia CAD, so the line was long, but a lot of people were there for that school. I was the 2nd person in line for calarts, so that was nice. Libby was the rep again. She didn't recognize me at first, and it took her a little while to realize I had applied and met her last year. She mostly told me that she thought, A.) I had a competitive portfolio B.) She recommended composing some of my drawings, cutting them out, arranging them, etc C.) She talked a bit about caricature and expression of the human form in my sketchbook. D.) She talked about being creative and experimental with media. She said I should have more color in my sketchbook and to try to include that however I could. I only had about 20 pages left in the one I showed her, which is why I am added a 2nd, hopefully. I didn't have any of my 3rd part put together yet, so she didn't have any comments about that really, besides explaining that is was my chance to include anything else that didn't fit into the other categories. Afterwards we made our way back to and I got dropped off at Christians, where I crawled into his bed and slept.
-The next day I realized I really had no way of getting home. Urp. So I had to take the GO bus, which dropped me off at a carpool lot 6km, about 4 miles, away from Sheridan. And I spent over an hour walking home on the shoulder of the road, past farms and such. It sucked.

This week:
-3d we critiqued and began talking about our next project, which will be to design and build a sort of armor for a human "frailty"
-Life drawing we did more of our basic shapes drawing, which is basically just using different techniques with sticks and plumb lines and such to get proportions and angles correct
-Drawing Systems we are working on a simple still life of 3-4 objects. It's due next week. I'll post it once it's finished
-Color Theory we are continuing painting still lives in class quickly. Last week it was a full color still life. Mine had a hard hat and some fruit. It looked terrible, so I turned in my lemon assignment instead. This week we did drapery. I'll post that too, when I get the time
-My mom announced to me she is no longer going to pay for my cell phone and I have to either buy my car from her or take it home so she can sell it. It's some dealio between her and my dad that is really annoying, but I'm really upset. Hopefully my dad will help me buy it, otherwise I will have to quit my job, and thus I won't have any money, which means no freedom or independence :/ Which I really value. I like being independent, I like providing for myself.
-2D I believe we are starting a new project today about designing a logo for a non profit organization.

Yep. So that is the latest with my life.


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