Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly ongoings

Thursday extra life. Sat in a corner all by myself, tried lots of new things.
The frustrating part about being experimental with figure drawing is that you end up with a lot of bad drawings. But the ones that hit the mark really hit the mark, if you know what I mean. I am reminded of a quote by Sir Ken Robinson that goes "If you are afraid to fail, you will never come up with anything original." I try to live by that.

In color theory we did a still life exercise in class. She spent the first half of the class murmuring quietly at the front of the room about impressionist painters and history. I heard maybe 10% of lecture, so it was a huge waste. Then she allowed us 2 colors and black and white, depending on which object we were seated around (lemons, peppers, or bananas) and we were given 15 minutes to mix as many possible colors as we could. Then for the last half of class we painted. Here's mine. I think it looks like a dinosaur head.
In drawing, we finished up our contour drawings with foreshortening. This is mine. Not my best work, but eh, it's ok I suppose. She handed back our atmospheric continuous line drawings, mine was "an excellent start" but she wanted more contrast and detail in the foreground. We're allowed to resubmit them for a better mark. I tried my best to fix it up, but you can't add what isn't there in a still life/figure drawing very easily. I got a 7.7 so it won't be the end of the world if the mark doesn't go up.
In 3d design we were working on cardboard self portraits. Here is mine, I think I'm gonna call this sucker complete, although I'm sure she'll want me to fix a few small things next class. It's a little lopsided, due to the fact that I did build up the inside hardly at all before starting. It's all on 2 pieces of armature. I also didn't draw the chin long enough.

For color theory I decided to redo the assignment this morning, this time on a lemon, because the people who did lemons turned out a lot better. I think I can agree that this went better, although I'll probably get marks off because it's a bit dark.
Here are some paintings I did over figure drawings from monday night. I am putting together my National Portfolio Day portfolio for next week, they're already in the case. I like how it went for the most part, these oil pastels and water. I already know they're going to suggest more color in my portfolio, these stand out like a sore thumb.

In other events this week:
-On tuesday we attempted to go see Jackass 3D, which I really didn't want to see nor pay $16 whole bucks for. I was happy as a clam when the projector at the theater was broken and they gave us a refund and a free movie pass for another day. We made a pact to come back next week, although I think I'll skip out and do some homework, saving my movie pass for something I actually want to see/spend gas on.
-Thursday I really began to dive into my novel. I'm currently 6,600 words in, so I have a lot of catching up to do tonight. I'm feeling a bit down about it, it's somewhat of a depressing storyline, so I have to be in the right mood to write. I should have done something a bit whackier, something sci-fi again. Oh well.
-Friday we went to monaghans for some dinner after class, then watched Curtis and Jake wrestle on the grass platform outside their apartment. It was about 30 degrees out, so it wasn't very pleasant. Afterwards we hung out in their apartment, Jake singing and playing guitar, all his own improv stuff, he's absolutely hilarious. Then we came back to res to watch The Royal Tenenbuams, a great movie, and then I went to Mississauga for the night.
-Saturday I sat in a great big hole of unproductivity, which was impossible to get out of
-Today I'm going to bed bath and beyond, as I have a gift card! Woo!

So, that's life as of late.

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