Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sketchbook Dump

So above are recent paintings from color theory's super hard to finish a full painting in less than 3 hours, and she gives me such a headache every time she walks by. I dunno, I rather liked my drapery study but it's "not finished" according to her. Oh well, turning it in as it is anyway, because when I feel finished with a painting, it means I'm finished. The full still life was just a disaster...
Then there was imaging systems, where we had to do a still life, first as a line drawing, then with values. I liked mine pretty alright.
In life drawing we've been doing longer poses. I turned in my only decent ones for marks, so I can't show them at the moment. This is the only drawing I have from the past two weeks of extra life that I actually kind of like...ever since NPD I have been in a slump. I just don't know what to do....I also haven't been going as much, because of NaNoWriMo. Which I just finished. Hooray!
I have decided that the novel I wrote this year is pretty awful, but it sets up for a really good story, which I think I am going to write next year. So it was a learning process I suppose.
Anyway, for your enjoyment, here are some sketchbook pages from the past few weeks I have liked. I managed to go about 40 pages in one week, so hopefully I will be able to send two sketchbooks in by the deadline.

As for the rest of my life....

-I am driving home for Christmas break with my mom, who is flying out to come back with me. I actually am kind of looking forward to this, for several reasons. First it is a good excuse to go out to dinner on the road. And considering my whole two different meals that I know how to cook I am really ready for some variety. It is also good because it means I will have a car to go to work for during the break, and I can also take a little more time with my portfolio because I don't have to worry about taking it on a plane. Yay! Also I get to spend some quality time with my mom, which is cool too.
-Unfortunately I will not be able to get back to work until after Christmas due to such a hectic schedule, especially because I am driving out there and I have family coming from out of now I have to make that phone call and I have the irrational fear that they are going to hate me or fire me or something....Gaaah I hate thiiiis.
-This week has been incredibly dramatic, I think everyone is kind of reaching a breaking point. It's really irritating. My parents are playing tug and war with me, my boyfriend is being a drama queen about EVERYTHING, and on top of that I went to a party friday night that was mostly one of those "lets just get drunk and tell everyone how we really feel about them" kind of things. I kind of sat around being the referee until about 20 slutty girls showed up and everyone I knew high-tailed it out of there, because no one knew who they were (seriously...where did they come from??) Anyway...the week has taken a lot out of me because I have had to mediate and participate in all these different fights between people. Ugh.
-On the bright side we got to tinfoil everything in one of my classmates room while he was away in Chicago for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to hear about his reaction.
-Oh yea...I totally missed Thanksgiving. It was super depressing until my neighbors invited me over for a steak dinner and wrote me (half of) a thanksgiving poem. I put it on my fridge.
-Nanowrimo! I spent 6 hours in a coffee shop yesterday pushing to 5,000 more words with one of my new friends and a friend of hers. It was a good time. Bonus: delicious waffles.

Anyways, that has been life of late. It's getting a bit crazy, and we are starting on all of our final projects so the pressure is on.

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