Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Not Dead!

Hello everyone. In case you haven't noticed, I have been a little absent around these parts lately. That would be due to the fact that recently I have spent a lot of time here:
Otherwise known as Crescent Beach, Florida. And yes, there really are no people there at all. Right in front of our house. It was awesome!

Anyways, I have some old and new stuff to put up. Lets start with the old. Dunno why it never made its way on here...It's nothing amazing, but its something.

This isn't old actually. This is just what happens to me when I use charcoal. Which is why I don't like using it very much.

This one got a little out of hand....

Teehee. This guy was so funny lookin. Out of a book.
So today I finally got to go to another drawing session. Work and vacation and family obligations keep getting in the way, so it was really good to get some drawing done x.x

I wish we could do some gesture drawing at the end. I always need a little time to warm up, you know, get in the zone. But the gestures always come first and thats why they always look so bad.

5 min pose. I'd like it more if her boob wasn't mysteriously hovering out in space.

Try and try and try again...

The following are my favorites from the evening (I have more than one! What an accomplishment!)
I meant this to have a sort of "fear" feel, but somehow she came out looking angry....I like I like the bottom thumbnail better, mostly because her face is in the correct direction. I fail at faces.

Final pose of the evening. I was really inspired by one of the pictures puddle from animatedbuzz posted awhile back on her thread, where the model had these crazy legs that were super curved. I really liked it. So I tried it out. I think they may have come off a bit too short looking at it now, but I still really like the whole feel of it

Thats all for now really. My portfolio work is taking a small hiatus while I am working on my essay. I decided TO START OVER about 3 or 4 days ago. Since then I have been researching pixacao and brazil like a madwoman trying to get my info together so I can write my 15 PAGE ESSAY in the next week. Tomorrow I am doing a mini-marathon of 8 hours of research down at CU Boulder. By the end of it I should be good, and ready to begin writing.
Then begins school.....God. I do NOT want to be a senior.

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