Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beach Stuff

I totally forgot I did a little bit of drawing while at the beach. Nothing amazing, just some doodles and such.

At the airport.

Hands. Because I was bored.
My cousins totally took the "I hope I get in" comment in the wrong way. I was talking about college. Sheesh >_<

My family playing this weird card game called euker or eucher or something. My dad has the bat and beard, my uncle is next to him with the glasses, my brother in front of him (with my would be grandma on the right but it didn't fit) and my cousin in the front (way too small...guess who I drew first?) My grandpa and aunt are on the left.
At the beach. People doing stuff and my dad and cousin playing soccer.

Random doodles.

I drew this for my uncle, who was complaining that I hadn't drawn him yet. :)

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