Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have found that the saturday session has a very different crowd...mostly old men. I feel very young and very female going there.
Anyway, these are some gestures from yesterday. Above, I really like the one in the middle. Below, I like the one on the left.
I really need to work on gestures. Hopefully I can ask for more with breakthrough arts' classes.

I like the blue and yellow one a lot. Probably just because I like the color scheme.

More pretty colors. From now on I need to make my heads purposely large, so they'll actually turn out the right size.
I really really liked this one until I realized the head was too small. Goddammit. I hate it when some stupid anatomy or proportion problem ruins something that otherwise was really cool. I'll try this again though, because I dig the feel. Reminds me of comic books.
This model was pretty good. She even brought her dog! :D But shes going away again.

I dunno...I wish some of the longer poses were standing poses. Every model wants to sit for them. I know its hard to be a model but ugh, it just gets so repetitive.

Last night I had a whole handful of people to my house. It was pretty fun. Not the best party ever, but I officially kicked off the year with the first party. Cool me.
Also, my friends have an amazing knack for obtaining loads and loads of alcohol. I don't know how they do it, but its delicious.
I shared an oversized chair for the night with this guy...thats the first time I've done that since Cameron. It's kind of nice sleeping next to people though, I gotta say. It's comforting. Except when they steal your blanket.
I'm going to go take a nap though, and then begin studying as well as my music video for tech. Not sure how I'm going to pull it off on my own, but I'll figure it out.
Yup thats pretty much it for now. I'm a bad kid. It's about darn time.

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