Wednesday, August 26, 2009

huh? what? *yawn* I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, what?

Tonight was a good night for art. I'm posting nearly everything. I liked pretty much everything I made.

The models name was Liza, and damn was she good! Another boring, skinny, brunette and yet she whips out poses like no other! Also, her hair was so wild.

2 min gestures
More 2 min gestures....I am in love with the one on the far right.

2 min gesture....the first time a model has ever really sat for a gesture I think

aaaand more...the reason these are split up is because there was a really horrible one in the middle that is just shameful...

And one more

Some 5 min poses

And some 10 min poses....I could not believe the one on the bottom! It turned out kind of horrible, because the arms are all funky, but she held that for 10 minutes. Damn!

Another 10 min...this came out kind of anime-ish. Probably because of the eyes, posture I exaggerated, and also because I realized I was being wayyy too outliney

I whipped out some pastels, for the first time in like a million years. I like these colors together :)

The use of the chalk wasn't great here, but otherwise I like it

A re-try of my failed one last saturday....all I can think of is "nananananannanana BATMAAAN!"

Ok, for the last pose I almost left because a. I am reeeeally tired and need to get to bed b. she flopped down in the MOST FORESHORTENED THING EVER. Sigh. But I stayed anyway, and you know what? I kind of really love it.

My mothers friend who was an art teacher for awhile and actually has an art degree in something or another was here when I got back. She told me she had looked at some of my stuff (which I have posted all over my walls so I can look at it and think about it all the time) and I was like "BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING I AM MUCH BETTER NOW!" Because everything on my wall is from Jan-May and absolutely horrendous. So I showed her some of the stuff I've done in the past few weeks and she was quite impressed, but she said I should try to focus on larger, more specific parts rather than putting the whole body on one page. I'm not sure if I should follow this advice or not....I dunno what calarts likes >_<
Anyway, school is killing me and its only been a week. X.X I am dead tired and more stressed out than I was last year! I didn't think that was possible. I need to go to bed now otherwise I'll be a zombie for english tomorrow and that would be bad since I am most afraid for that class.

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