Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Tomorrow *sob*

Hello all! Went to drawing today! This was the last pose of the evening and I think it was my favorite...

School begins tomorrow. Dear god why?? Oh well, at least I'll be a senior.
Whatcher lookin at here is some new stuff from tonight. Above are some 2 min I said my gestures always suck because I haven't warmed up yet.
Below is another 2 min gesture

5 min. This model wasn't my favorite, a lot of her poses were very similar
More 5 minute poses. I would dig the pink one if her calf weren't gimp
10 min pose. I kinda like it

15 mins with super hard foreshortening. I do my best.
25 minutes...I ran out of time, which is a first. The legs are very rushed.
I added the last at the top, because the one I originally uploaded was horrible quality.

I feel like I am definitely improving, even if I still use a hairy line. It's a hard habit to kick, what can I say? Can't I just make that my trademark? D:
But the way I figure it, calarts is going to get like a zillion portfolios and they will all have figure drawings in them, so I am really focusing on how I can make mine stand out. Everyone time I try to exagerrate something I think "whoa this is going to look too crazy!" and then it looks totally normal. I guess I should push boundaries huh?

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