Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to Class

The free figure drawing is back. I am happy about this, since I need some instruction. But at the same time...I remember why I never liked that class much in the first place. He doesn't actually pay much attention to us since the returning students its more a matter of practice rather than instruction I guess? Anyway, no model today, we just drew each other in a bunch of gestures. The first few weeks will focus on portraits, which I don't want to do but I know I gotta work on it.

3 min....Drew it twice
For some reason this didn't get flipped...3 min, drew her 3 times, each more reduced than the last.

3 min

1 min...disco stu says "lets boogie!"

1 min

1 min

Now the following are all in backwards order from last sunday...going for the conservative more anatomical and technical approach. Ah but I can't help but be experimental sometimes XP
20 min

20 min...I think. There is just something off about this and I can't figure it out. I think its the nipples
I KNOW the hand is waaaay too small. I even made it bigger, but bleh. Hands just suck

15 min...felt the need for charcoal on this one. Legs are off. meh.
15 min...I just realized how the foot doesn't connect with the leg at all....that was really fail of me. WTF.

10 min...I think my favorite from the day

10 min

10 min...nevermind this is my favorite ^.^

2 5 min poses...caught her face in a yawn XD

Some 2 min gestures

2 min gestures

I am debating whether or not to post my stuff on AB or not....while I like getting feedback its just the same stuff every time...and I have to practically beg for it! I think I'll just wait til NPD for some really solid feedback or something.
I'd love for someone to tell me I am getting better at least a little bit though T.T Today has not been a good day. I feel like my friends are using me to feed their addictions and party-habits and I feel so completely lost and empty....Old and new habits are urging me but meh >_<

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  1. As usual, LOVE the charcoal :-)

    What I love most about your sketches are the exaggerated curves. It gives your subjects a surreal feeling that really enhances the experience.

    I think I like the charcoal best because the contrast is a lot higher and you can really SEE the drawing. It pops out at you.

    Keep 'em comin!