Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine Nine Nine!

Today is that special day.
And here is what I made for it:

2min gestures. This model was the bomb. The first older woman I've seen at this studio, hair that covers all the hard parts of her face, and great dynamic poses.

2 min gesture plus a 5 min pose...the gesture has really weird proportions, but I find it oddly appealing.
10 min pose...head too small. rawr!
10 min pose
15 min pose...head too small again although I swear when I started and measured it it was the right size
15 min pose....I played with some composition. The hands are weird and the foot is too large because I was trying to avoid making it too small like I usually do. >_< doh
It was here I remembered for the first time in a million years I can turn my pencil on its side and shade instead.

20 min pose

The end. Yay.
The people on AB keep telling me to work on my anatomy. Fucking anatomy.
I feel like I know it and all, its just a matter of applying it.
And what can I say? I'm not a big realism fan in the first place. I like crazy looking people. Thats half the reason I love animation in the first place.

To work on:
Oh man I am so excited to see Nine! I am having trouble finding someone to come with one cares about it nearly as much as I do.

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