Friday, September 11, 2009

Latest Sketchbook Stuff

Just thought I would share whats up in my sketchbook, which I have been using almost every day now. Especially in math.

This is me being a fangirl for book ever. I always loved the stilken part
This must have been a summer afternoon where I was bored. Especially because of the duck in the football helmet

More fangirlness...lirael fighting the stilken...never finished this

Math class....there's Zack in his weird leather jacket...Grant who is one those nerds thats really snobby...and the connor, travis, and seth. Travis is actually a genius, even though he's the biggest stoner ever
Um, a lot of people. I think nishta is the spitting image of her. Good job me. Oh and don't forget lamp, my best friend ever. I sit with him in the corner of the room and he brings me joy in my horrible math class
In TOK we had a group discussion....Zack sat in lots of interesting positions on the floor

More teacher got really mad at me for doing this during a guest speaker. I guess it looked rude or something. Zack looks perfectly like himself here. As does Lily. ...well ok not really but I think so anyway!

Rachel in math class...
More math class....nishta, mrs. pendleton, seth, stacy
Lunch was super bright outside. My eyes burned. Tara looks nothing like herself. Vicky actually does, but she kept complaining loudly how ugly I made her and how pretty tara looked. I didn't want to point out to her that tara looks nothing like that. Its more just a stock face I use.

A peice of my IW....I thumbnailed the project I am going to do first out to the left. On the right is me ranting about how much I hate thomas kinkade.

A nifty style test I did today for the rocks on my peice.

The end! Yay!

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