Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lets just call this a shitty week

Its really not been a good week...meh

But today I went to a portfolio workshop, which was pretty helpful. I saw SO many people there I knew. Lots of kids I went to school with in the past. Ran into two good friends too ^.^
One of them proceded to follow me to drawing tonight.

2 min
The model tonight was new. And her poses were certainly different but the best part was she actually had some meat on her bones. For once I got a model that looked like the ones in the all the anatomy books, and you can't see her entire rib cage
5 min

10 min...seductive look. I cant tell if the head was too small or my camera was too tilted while taking this

10 min

10 min, at first I was really annoyed by the sheet she used as a prop, but then I found it rather convenient since it covered most of the feet. Also, it looked pretty

I don't know why my computer does this...these are the photos that should actually be the right way originally. Whatever. I am tired.
15 min...she looked like she was praying, so I added a window
25 min....I kind of like this one quite a bit, besides the big toes

I haven't gotten a break from shit for awhile and my friends are giving me crap for backing out on something they were counting on.
I'm a person, not a house. Sorry.

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