Sunday, November 15, 2009

Calarts Visit!!

So this weekend me and my father flew out to LA to visit some family and calarts! And it was awesome! I'll just describe the whole weekend I guess.

On thursday, I left (almost) straight after school (some of my friends had stolen a traffic cone and we were all signing it) and we went to the airport with all carry-ons, already checked in (love you southwest! <3) We go to the terminal, board the plane, and fly to LA. Totally uneventful, just the way I like my flights. We get to LA, I pretty much go under cardiac arrest while the bus driver nearly kills us all, we get a rental car, and then drive to my second cousin once removed's house. (so my dads cousin, if you're confused)
Already I got great vibes because the house was awesome and he was wearing converse and I was like yea! I like this place. I go upstairs and poke around some of the rooms. They have two kids both grown and out of the house now, but their rooms are still intact and they are awesome. Concert tickets from awesome bands, receipts, and groovy posters are all over. It was great. Also, I got to sleep in the biggest room with the biggest bed farthest from the busy road. Yeaaa :)
In the morning we got up and really had nothing to do so we left early for Valencia and got some starbucks beforehand. Then we finally go to see calarts.
I was super intimidated by the whole place and experience, I felt like I could barely breath! I probably put calarts on too much of a pedastal, but I can't help it! My idols went to this school, and the work that comes out of it is just incredible. So yea, I was a little nervous. But we wait by the office with some other people and then we got into a conference room and Libby talked about some stuff that I already pretty much knew. There were only two other kids there interested in character animation, which I thought was a little weird, since I feel like I have met so many people who are into it. Oh well, less competition for me :)
Anyway, after the info session we took a tour. Damn that school is huge! No one ever talked about how enormous the place was >_< Well, it felt large anyway. It was kind of like a high school in Boulder here, but much bigger. Which is good I guess. It already felt familiar.
We had pretty much just walked by the whole character animation department, so after the tour we went back and watched some of the videos, looked at more of the stuff up in the hall, peeked in on some classes, and wandered the cubicles. It was pretty sweet, although I couldn't see in most of them. I did recognize a couple, and some artwork up, and even a few faces (although I was way too shy to say anything!) I would have stayed much longer, buuuut there was an earthquake drill. So we went and got some BBQ lunch and then went back to LA.
For dinner we went to koreatown to this fancy place where they cook your food at your table. The food was pretty much hit or miss. They were really nice to us since my aunt/cousin was friends with waitress numbah uno ^o^ So we got free dessert. We went back to my uncle/cousins groovy house and built a fire outside and talked all night. Ah yes, awesome california weather ^.^ I learned a lot of family history, lawl. Also, apparently my second cousin (who is a musical genius) was in the silversun pickups lazy eye music video as the main guy. Whoa. Favorite band, favorite song, and they know them!! Holy shit! So yea, this branch of the family is officially my favorite.
The next morning we got up and visited the griffith observatory a bit, then went to the J. Paul Getty Museum. I'm not a huge fan of european romantic stuff, so the art was a bit meh, but the building was awesome! And the restaurant was very nice :) We looked at some art and then went out to the garden, where my dad got a call from our airline that our flight had been cancelled (that was supposed to be in a few hours) I didn't care too much as I sat on the grass and soaked up the sun while everyone I knew was in icy, snowy colorado. Haha. So we stayed awhile, then went back to the house (but not without an hour long detour through hollywood to get to target), ordered pizza, made a fire, and had more conversation. My uncle/cousin is quite a character, but pretty cool. He also had too much alcohol I think. We went to bed, woke up early, and took an early flight back to colorado. On the way book I was reading a book about illustration that I bought at the Getty for stinkin cheap! and damn, I just became so inspired. The rest our trip went normal.
Anyway, I was too excite to take many pictures of calarts, but I did snap a few during the earthquake drill while we wandering around outside.

So yea, that was my trip. It was great! I got on the campus and just knew I belonged there, and now I am more determined than ever to get in as soon as I can. I am also very artistically inspired by the whole trip. I took so much in in such a short amount of time, I can't even handle it!

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