Monday, November 23, 2009


So its finally thanksgiving break. I didn't realize that it was happening until two days before and I was like "oh...theres no school next week huh?" It was a pleasant surprise. Although at the same time I am feeling rather lonely being away from people so much. Siiigh its a delicate balance I guess.
This week will include a lot of art.I just bought a new tiny sketchbook and have found I sketch a ton more with it. I am going to the zoo tomorrow I think. I was going to go snowboarding, but not much is open and I don't have a pass so I don't think its worth the $50 I'd pay to get in. The zoo is much cheaper, and I need the practice. I also bought a sketchbook well made for a flip book, so I think I'll put one together for fun. I have a couple of old animations I'd like to post here, but they were all on my computer that died over the summer, so alas, they shall stay put. Although they are on my facebook. Not very good, but I had fun making them. I am trying to get 3 projects done for IB art this week too. I want to have at least 5 or 6 by the end of the year so I can be up to speed for the exam in april.
I also have a lot of homework and work to do. It's a big week in retail, and we have sold a shit ton of crap already. Black friday is going to suckkkk.
I have been trying to see some people over break, but I am really bad at being social and getting invited on adventures, so that hasn't gone so well. Sometimes I wonder why I bother trying to be friends with the people I am friends with, because sometimes they aren't very receptive of me. I wish I could just let it go and move on to all the much cooler friends I have scattered around the city, but part of me just wants that acceptance just to have it. Gah >_<

Anywho, this is the latest IB art project for me. It's huge. And awesome. And it's going to be AMAZING!
And here is some figure drawings of late. I just organized all my art stuff in the corner of my room. I have a stack of figure drawings several inches high, plus all the shit on my walls. I can't believe how much I've done! Most of it has been only since august as well. And I look at the older stuff and daaamn I'm so much better now. Then I get on the internet and see what everyone else is posting and feel so discouraged.
My life is kind of like this:

I made her an angel. I really like it

For my gestures this time I drew them on old newspapers and then cut them out. I'd like to paste them to some black paper. I think it'd be cool.
These are kind of old. I think I missed a week of updating. So theres a bunch of stuff I did that never made it up. I think?

Her face is like freida kahlo, although it's not at all in real life. My toes are so gimp

I actually got super bored last time. I am so sick of doing the same thing over and over again! I guess this means its time to get out some new media. I think I will try a wet medium some time, maybe some watercolors? I'm not super talented with them, but it could be fun.
I am stumped trying to think of what to make for my first peice in my portfolio. I really want it to say something and pop out. My friend had this great idea of making a pop-up thing, like a story book. I thought it was a funny play on words XD Eh, so I guess I'll try to think of that.
All my other college stuff is in. I finished the application to calarts, all I have to do now is press submit. But I'm way too scared.
Also, this week the whole city (or all the teenagers) are playing zombies vs. humans. It's a lot of fun. So far I'm still human. Last night we played capture the flag in a park. It was below freezing, so that wasn't pleasant, but it was still exciting. :)

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