Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lightsabers, Snow, Story, and Figure Drawings

Here are some random pictures. Yay!

The fucking wheat fields I painted for the Wizard of Oz. This about 1/3 of the peice, and it took me 3 weeks. There were a lot of problems with this one. We were re-doing a really baaaad job and just ended up starting over.
My halloween costume! I was a work of art. It was fun :) I really did walk around like that all day. It was cold! I wore even less to the party I went to ;) I'd show you the full nude photos I took, but this is the internet after all.
The OZ emblems on the gates to Oz. I painted these. Probably one of the best damn parts of that god forsaken musical, besides the epic wizard head.

Soooo. I was bad and went to the lightsaber fight even though I swore I wouldn't. But I got some spiffy pictures! ^.^ Sharing time!

Final battle in the middle of the mall


Initial charge. There were innocent people caught in the middle of that >_<

All the snow from last was 80 degrees this friday. Yea, thats colorado for you

And here is my latest art project. It doesn't have a title yet, and I can't think of one thats fitting. Enjoy reading, it's my first visual attempt at story telling, so go easy on me. Also, the pictures suck. Oh well.

I hate my hand writing

unfinished page...yea, I'll get to it

I hate this page, I'd like to redo it. The poses are off. I was way cramped for time.

Like I said, I was way out of time. I was up til 3 am the night before finishing. I hope you get the symbollism and whatnot. Some people do, some don't. Eh. I'm going to mount and bind it soon.

And without further ado, my latest figure drawings.

I feel like the torso was really successful here, but nothing else. I'll probably crop it later

Proportions fail

Yep, thats my life as of late, besides work and school and that "important" junk. Good stuff.

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