Monday, November 9, 2009


Today went very well I think ^.^ This figure drawing thing may actually be starting to come together for me. I mean, I know I have a long way to go, but I feel like I am finally heading down the right path.

I finally made it back to the free class. There's only one left though T.T Shit I missed them all! They've been having the same model I had saturday come in, which I thought was ironic.
These were all warmups, 1 min gestures. I wish we coulda done more, I like gestures so much

Ok, now you tell me this isn't a good gesture xD I really like simple but so fluid. I did something right for once!

The instructor wanted us to do these "reductive" drawings, where we cover the paper in charcoal and then use an eraser to get the light sections. I wasn't going to at first. I've done them before and real disliked them. This is my second one, not too impressive.

I'm glad I did in the end though, because this is the first one we did and I feel it was pretty damn successful. I only had 20 minutes, so I didn't get to finish. Oh well.

This is the (mostly) finished part
I'm glad I went today. I always feel better when I see people struggling with drawing the figure.
....That sounded really mean. >_< Ha, what I meant was, I feel good not because I like to see people struggle, but because it reminds me of how hard it was for me last January when I started the class, and how much better I've gotten since then. I remember this girl who used to be in it. On the first day the instructor said "these gestures look just like a disney employee did them!" and I was soooo jealous. It always made me want to be better. Today he didn't have much critique for me :D

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