Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not so pleased with the shading job. I should have done something with the value of the sky. Maybe I should have stippled instead of using lines? Or a smaller pen? I don't know, but I would like to color this at some point.
This is for drawing class, and turned out rather well in my opinion. It was about a 5 hour pose. It'll probably go in my portfolio, even though they don't want to see rendered drawings. I think the structure works very well here, and I've been told a lot of my drawings are "too caricatured." I guess that's what you get for doing drawings all meant for Calarts for two years

Yesterday I went to talk to my drawing systems teacher about some of my portfolio work. She was very helpful. I also think she rather likes me and wants me to get in because she asked what I felt the weakest in, and I told her character design. She promptly found a 3rd year animation student during our class right after that and let me go out and show him my work so he could help me. And helpful he was. He had a lot of useful critique on my character, and after class I sat down to go about redesigning him. It looks a lot stronger now in my opinion, although I will have to redo all that work I've already done.
I'm also going to talk to another 4th year student today as well. I'm loving all this help, it's been incredibly useful.

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