Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some Figure Drah-uhns

After showing some potential figure drawings to a few animation students and whatnot they told me I had good gesture but needed to show more underlying structure...Unfortunately I've always tried to draw decisively and not clutter the figure with all that construction nonsense. So now all my drawings look messy and I lose a lot of the gesture of the pose because I get so distracted. Gah, I don't know what to do about it. I also sent most of my favorite work off to calarts, so yea, that kind of sucks. I've got pictures of most of it though.

About 2 weeks to go...I'm kind of wishing it were sooner just because I'm so sick of redrawing things over and over again after showing them to people for critique. I've drawn my hand in a specific pose 6 times now.

I look at past accepted portfolios and feel fairly confident, and then I see other peoples work around me and feel like there's no way I'm gonna get in. So confusing.

I really, really want March to get here so I can hear back from Calarts. I'm absolutely DYING.

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