Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Work I've been Working on

Besides portfolio work of course. I won't post any of that til it's all done and sent in.

Went to extra life painting....sigh...I love painting.

This below down here is from last semester drawing systems. Never got around to posting it I don't think. 'Sok I s'pose
Here is my latest from drawing systems...still need to shade it and add some detail. I just realized my obsession with dragons. Also trees. You can't see it here, but I've been drawing a heckuva lot of trees these days.
Drawing class we did that annoying charcoal thing you do with erasers. I hate it, it's so messy. Bleh.

3D has been pop-up books...I could have put more effort but it's portfolio crunch time and I need to make priorities. Mine is based off Mary Oliver's poem "Rage" 12th grade english teacher would have loved me if I had done this in her it would have gotten me an A too, she was a huge fan of the fine arts.

A yep.

It's a snow day and I have a lot to catch up I'm gonna go do that now

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