Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things that are happening

I had a very intensely vivid dream this morning where I was accepted to calarts and I was super happy and was beginning to cry when I asked myself the ever-so cliche question of if it was really happening, of course then, my mind clicked and I knew something wasn't right and I woke up and was super disappointed. Uh, so, lets just hope this is one of those awesome future telling dreams, right? (I had one of those once, it was really trippy) Because then I was imagining myself getting a rejection letter and trying to face that future just seems...bleak. Sometimes I think about it and I can't imagine myself anywhere other than Calarts. I know that's crazy. I know that a school is just a school and it is what you put into it that counts, and I could be perfectly successful at many places where I have been accepted in the past or may be accepted in the future. But it just feels...right. Like one of those things you just know you have to do.

Anyways, I finally got to go to class and have some real social interaction today and then I talked to a wonderful 4th year animation student Jamie Metzger again who helped me immensely with my sheridan portfolio, and now I'm ready to sit back down again and readdress some issues with it. Only one week to go. I'm dying to get this over with. I also can't wait to have more free time to work on my film again, as I feel guilty putting time into it when I know I have improvements to make with my portfolio.

The highlight of the day was that Chris asked to go to the movies to see I Am Number Four. Sometimes having a car when no one else does has its perks because people actually invite you to shit knowing that they can't go without you. Anyways, the movie was so-so, not very exciting as far as story goes, but entertaining nonetheless. I was just happy to get off campus for a few brief hours and be a part of like, the real world. I also haven't done anything social or fun in a really long time. Also, tuesday nights are the discount nights at movie theaters in Ontario, so it only cost $5. That is just my price :)

Anyways, that's my life that I felt like sharing for no reason at all today. Yep.

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