Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moar! Yah!

Sketchbook pages I did while bored during presentations in drawing systems. Trying more of that compositional stuff.

^---Lol. Cam sits in his chair really low and it makes me laugh

3 minutes each

Warning: I'll probably be updating a lot more. I feel like I have hoardes of art to show, I've been very productive lately, and haven't been showing much school work.

2 minutes

2 minutes
Kind of how I feel a lot lately

Figure as a compositional tool study #1 for color theory. About 50 minutes. We were only allowed two complements and an earth tone

Figure as a compositional tool study #2. About an hour and ten minutes. I think it was coming along nicely, too bad I ran out of time. The background has issues though.
I can't wait to show what I did in color theory class today! I got a lot of great feedback on it, and it looked super epic. You'll see what I mean soon enough ;)
Have I ever mentioned how much I love figure painting now??

I really want to learn how to do outdoor painting. Like, nature and stuff. I always try but I feel overwhelmed by all the color and things that are happening.
So much to learn!!!

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