Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today two things happened to me.

The first thing was my friend came over to borrow my camera so he could photograph some of his portfolio work. He asked if I had one of the "DSR-thingy" cameras, and I told I did, much to his surprise. When he asked me how to work it to get really good light, I told him I didn't really know, I never really figured out a lot about it.
The second thing was I found a deviantart of a really great nature photographer in Colorado (check it out: who really inspires me

These two events reminded me of how I used to want to be a photographer. I grew up in a place, in my opinion, that is one of the most beautiful places you can live in. At least, in the USA. I suppose there are some really, really beautiful sights out there I've never seen. I used to go into the mountains all the time, and my mom, being well, my mom, used to drag me and my brother to all sorts of mountain town galleries. I used to stand in awe over some of the photography I saw.
When I was 14 I bought with my own money a DSLR camera, in the great hopes that I could become a better photographer. Many hours of babysitting went into buying that camera! It is probably, to this day, the most expensive thing I have bought with entirely my money. It was a Nikon D50 and I used to use it all the time. I have so many old photographs on my external hard drive I don't know what to do with them. I experimented with portraits, still lives, and nature photography.

From there I don't know what really happened. I never got into a photography class at school because in my freshman year I put it off for another year, my sophomore year I transferred and they couldn't get me any electives besides all the reject ones, and by 11th grade I started IB and didn't have room for fun electives anymore. Also by then I had decided I wanted to be in animation and focused all my attention on drawing.
Somewhere along the way I stopped experimenting and playing around. Now I only drag my camera out to photograph my drawings, and I don't even bother to do a good job at that. This make me sad. Photography really inspires me.
I really miss doing photography for fun, I think I'd like to perhaps take it up again, perhaps this summer when I'm at a camp for three whole months.

Two photos I took for an English project in 2007 nearby my house in Boulder, CO. I always looks at these to remind myself how lucky I get to (got to) live where I do (did)

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