Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sheridan Portfolio

So this is my entrance portfolio for Sheridan Animation 2011. I figure since the whole deal is done and overwith, I suppose I should share my hard work. I turned this in Tuesday morning.
I won't know for awhile know whether or not I got in, but I will update this as soon as I do, for reference.

Edit: This portfolio was not accepted to Sheridan's BAA animation program. It scored a 2.84 overall, and for the 2011 fall intake class at least a 3.00 was required. You needed a 2.90 to 2.99 to be on the waiting list

Section 1: Life drawing.

I went with a lot of gestures for the figure drawings, knowing that they are probably stronger than my longer poses, and hopefully they will help me stand out since 5 minute, super structured poses are more popular submissions.

Life drawing score: 2.6

Animal drawing score: 2.6

Hand drawing score: 1.83. Ouch. This was my worst category.

Section 2: Character design

Ok, so this character design isn't exactly what I turned in...I redid the hands in the rotation, as well as the sad expression, plus minor touch-ups. I don't really feel like rescanning and putting another sheet together again, but this is basically what I submitted.

Rotation score: 2.8
Action Pose score: 2.75
Expressions score: 2.88

Section 3: Storyboard

Storyboard score: 2.78

I wasn't very happy with this section. I feel like I just don't know enough about story to do it right. Also, I hated the characters and the premise they gave us. So boring! I'm sure even the graders get bored with it.


Section 4: Layout

sorry the quality on these suck. The sheets are too large to scan and the see-through quality of the paper makes it difficult to get a good shot. I've tried like a billion times.

Household objects score: 3.0

Room Line Drawings score: 3.33. My highest category
The following drawing is the only one that I only had to do once...minus touch-ups and the chairs and table in the background (which I are different from what I originally drew, and what is actually there)
Section 5: Personal Artwork

Personal artwork score: 3.13

"The Dragon Inn"

Bone studies- I feel so unoriginal D:
Sketchbook collage
Self portrait

Yep, thats it! I feel pretty confident about my work actually, but I won't know for another month whether or not it's any good, so the waiting game it will have to be.

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